After Li Pingsheng took the photo, he was satisfied, put away the photo mirror, and continued walking towards the dilapidated Taoist temple.
/Another fairy weapon the size of a mountain fell from the sky and fell to the ground, causing the ground to tremble.
Li Pingsheng was surprised and looked towards the place where the immortal weapon fell. At this time, there was another thud, and the sound of a heavy weapon falling to the ground was also heard from his right side.
Before he could see which immortal weapon it was, there was suddenly another thud, and another immortal weapon fell from the sky and hit the ground. Immediately, another fairy weapon in the air lost all its power and fell downwards, but it had not yet touched the ground.
“This is”
Li Pingsheng was surprised, and then he saw floating fairy weapons swaying in the sky, unable to stabilize their form, and falling from the sky one after another!
The power of the 1,300 immortal weapons decreased rapidly, becoming like ordinary iron, without any power, falling from the sky like raindrops!
On the surface of these immortal tools, the immortal runes were uncertain, but they were quickly extinguished one after another, leaving only four bright runes!
This scene made experts like Li Pingsheng, who had seen the big world, feel confused and confused as to what had happened.
“Why did one thousand three hundred immortal weapons lose all their power all of a sudden?”
His eyes flashed and he whispered, “I heard from the seniors in the sect that these immortal weapons seemed to be used by the immortals in ancient times to suppress the Dao of Heaven and Earth in Dao Weeping Pass. If the power of these immortal weapons is lost, then Don’t you mean?”
He shuddered suddenly, unable to conceal the horror in his eyes, and looked up and around.
At this time, Chu Tiandu was also heading towards the dilapidated Taoist temple in the Land of Dao Qi. The immortal weapons lost their power and fell from the sky, shocking him.
“The magic weapon used by evil immortals to suppress the great avenue of heaven and earth has failed?”
His heart was pounding, his lips were dry, and his mouth was dry, “Could it be that Master’s seal was successful? If these magic weapons fail, doesn’t it mean that the great avenue of heaven and earth here will be revived?”
He was shaking with excitement.
As a disciple of Xiao Tianzun, the reason why he has been hanging out in the hinterland of the Demon Realm and defeated many powerful heretics who went deep into the hinterland of the Demon Realm, but he never dared to go out of the hinterland.
Because he knew that when he arrived at the Land of Dao Qi and the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth was suppressed, his strength would not be as good as before.
But now that the immortal weapon that suppresses the Heaven and Earth Avenue here has failed, it means the revival of the Heaven and Earth Avenue!
“The silent avenue of heaven and earth has revived. Is