At the end of Naihe Bridge, Xu Ying and a group of ghosts lined up obediently. An Qi turned into a little snake and hid in his collar. The big bell penetrated into his mud ball cave, and the purple fairy grass hid in the secret realm of the spring. They didn’t dare to Show up.
They once came to look for Mrs. Meng with great ferocity, but now they have become more honest than Xu Ying.
Finally it was Xu Ying’s turn. Po Meng looked up and saw that it was him. She hurriedly changed a pot of tea and said with a smile: “Mr. Xu, I have changed the recipe. Please try it.”
She poured tea, which was scarlet in color.
Xu Ying picked up the teacup and drank it all in one gulp.
Po Meng looked at him expectantly, clapped her hands and said with a smile: “Pour, fall, fall!”
/Xu Ying put down the teacup, his expression unchanged, and said: “Senior, I am here to ask where Mr. Dongyue lives.”
Meng Po’s dim old eyes were piercing and she said: “He lives in the sun and patrols the underworld during the day. But with your speed you will definitely not be able to catch up with that three-legged golden crow. How about my new tea?”
“One more drink.”
Xu Ying pushed the tea cup over and asked, “So, how can I find him?”
Po Meng poured another cup of tea and said: “When the sun finally sets, you go to find the Emperor of Yinting. They often keep in touch.”
/Xu responded: “Mother-in-law likes tea. I feel more energetic.”
Meng Po felt like she was mourning her heir, so she waved her hand and asked him to leave.
Xu Ying walked out of Naihe Bridge and looked back, only to see Po Meng staring at the teapot and mumbling to herself. She picked up the teacup from time to time, wanting to take a sip but didn’t dare.
Xu Ying waited for a while, but the old woman still didn’t dare to drink.
Xu Ying secretly said it was a pity and said: “Meng Po’s improved tea is still very powerful. If she takes a sip of Qi Ye, we will rush to the underworld and heaven.”
An Qi immediately flew out and revealed his true body. Xu Ying came to the big snake’s head, and saw pieces of sword energy as big as mats, rotating around An Qi, causing the big snake to roar and fly upstream, close to the Nai River.
There are two ways to go to the underworld and heaven. One is the road to the Heavenly Temple that Zhou Qiyun led Xu Ying to take. However, the gods of the Heavenly Temple captured Xu Ying and were chopped down by Jin Buyi, so they obviously could not go that way.
On both sides of the Nai River, in the mountains, the ancient beasts revived and let out low and melodious roars. From time to time, human villages passed by on both sides of the river.
In this era where ghosts and gods are rampant, without exorbitant taxes and miscellaneous taxes, their lives are actually better than before.
Xu Ying sat on the big snake’s head, his eyes dim. This time he left Shushan Sword Gate and came to Naihe Bridge in order to find Dongyue and ask how the three-legged golden crow could survive.
However, to enter Naihe Bridge, you have