Lord Shengqi Mansion praised: “Fellow Daoist Xu just fought against Xuantian and killed the Immortal King. His ability is extraordinary and admirable. No wonder Beidi mentioned you to us many times.”
With his majestic body, He is a god-man in charge of the vitality of mortals. His body is composed of vitality, and there are thousands of Yin gods, large and small, living in his body, some of which are extremely powerful.
Lord Shengqi Mansion smiled and said, “Beidi, if you hadn’t held this lamp, you would never have surrendered to us.”
Emperor Beiyin snorted and explained to Xu Ying: “The five of them were responsible for managing the Qi, Xing, Jin, Ming, and Lu of mortals. However, these were later taken away by the world of heaven, and the five of them could only linger in the underworld. When he saw me, he was still unwilling to surrender and wanted to take me to the world of heaven to claim credit.”
Xu Ying suddenly felt that these five princes were not reliable.
Lord Simingfu said with a smile: “We don’t really take credit from you. Otherwise, do you really think that with your current ability, you can suppress the five of us? We, Luo Feng Liutian, are equal, and we are the six gods born for sacrifice by all living beings. Brother, there is no superiority. Just because you are respected as the Northern Emperor, we must surrender to you. Why can’t I be the Northern Emperor?”
His body is majestic, and there are thousands of gods and demons, large and small, in His body.
/Beidi was so angry that his hands were shaking and he said: “After I was defeated, they stole the Liutian Palace, and even my Zhou Jueyin Palace was stolen by them.”
Mr. Zonglufu was more eloquent and said: “If we had not taken away the Six Heavenly Palace, the Six Heavenly Palace would have fallen into the hands of the Tiandao world long ago. Where would there be a chance to make a comeback? We took away the Six Heavenly Palace to preserve our strength, brother. There are thousands of gods and demons in Zhou Jue Yin Tian Palace, but we have not touched any of them, and they will all be returned to my eldest brother.”
Xu Ying was quite curious and thought to himself: “It seems that the Great Emperor Beiyin and these five princes were born at the same time. Beiyin is the elder brother and his status is higher than them.”
Beidi said to Xu Ying: “What kind of good relationship does Xu, Taoist friend, come here to form?”
“The Twelve-level Tower of the Underworld.” Xu Ying said.
Beidi groaned, and the other five princes were chatting and laughing, and suddenly there was silence.
Beidi said: “Hasn’t Fellow Daoist Xu already seen the Twelve-Storied Tower on the Underworld Sea? On the Underworld Sea, Fellow Daoist Xu saw the other side. The Twelve-Storied Tower is on the other side. The building is surrounded by Netherworld Immortal Fire.”
Beidi groaned again.
The expressions of the other five princes all darkened, th