——In a previous Tarot gathering, Leonard had handed over four divine symbols and magic signs given by Pales Zoroastrian. They all came from the field of “Stealers”. It is said that one can Mislead the enemy and cause him to make errors in judgment. One can steal three extraordinary abilities that the target has used before. Starting from the most recent one, going back in sequence. One if it can accurately affect the enemy, it can make him lose a lot of life. After entering the aging state, a “worm of time” that can create a short-lived life will quietly “parasitize” in the target’s body and be controlled by the user of the spell.
With the remaining seven “Insects of Time”, Klein has pre-made three “Luck Stealer” charms, gave one to Miss Justice, and kept two for himself. In other words, he still has four “Time Insects”. “Insect”, there are exactly four effects that can be tried. Of course, his intuition tells him that they may not all be successful.
/As for Leonard’s two “Worms of Time”, one became the “Luck Stealer” charm – Leonard prayed to Mr. “The Fool” based on the teachings of “The World” Gehrman Sparrow and obtained it. In response, Ichigo relied on the help of Pales Zoroastrian to create the “parasitism” charm.
After a lot of work, in the evening, Klein succeeded five times and failed once, and obtained two “Yesterday Reappearance” charms, one “Parasite Bullet”, one “Deception Bullet”, and one “Deprivation Bullet”.
His only failure was the “aging bullet”. The reason seemed to be that the level of the mysterious space power above the gray fog that he could currently mobilize was insufficient.
Looking at the three strange bullets with similar shapes, transparent and translucent, Klein breathed a sigh of relief, took out the “Death Knell” revolver, and stuffed them in one by one – there were also three “Spirit Control Bullets” he had made before. bullet”.
After clearing the altar, he walked out of the room, went down to the second floor, entered the dining room, and said to the butler Walter who was standing next to him:
“We can invite guests who will go hunting in the countryside on the weekend according to the list we have prepared.”
“Yes, sir.” Walter was already prepared for this, still so serious and serious.
Tingen, Zoetlandstrasse 36.
Leonard got off the carriage and looked at the rebuilt building with a complicated expression, and for a moment he forgot to go in.
This is a three-story architectural style that has only become popular in recent years.
In a daze, Leonard felt like he was in the wrong place.
After being stunned for more than ten seconds, he