He didn’t know what Lord Gould meant when he mentioned this. Could it be that the Main family discovered something?
David was thinking in his heart, but he didn’t believe that anyone would find anything, because he thought he did it very cleanly and would not leave any evidence.
You must know that he has done this countless times in the Interstellar Federation. Even the advanced equipment of the Interstellar Federation cannot trace him. He believes the same is true in the Divine World.
“Yes, I know about this!” David bowed and replied.
“Don’t be so nervous. No matter who did it, it has been determined to be the work of the followers of the evil god!” Lord Gould said this and glanced at Knight Mark who had been standing bowed.
From the moment David entered the castle, Lord Gould discovered the knight Mark who was following David.
A sky knight with no record in the Main family intelligence network was enough to attract his attention.
In particular, some people had previously suspected that the Luce family had wiped out the Leakey family just because the Luce family did not have the corresponding strength. Although there were suspicions, they were ignored.
Now a sky knight has appeared in the Luce family, which has to remind people of the possibility of the extermination of the Leakey family.
What concerned Lord Gould the most was the attitude of Knight Mark. From the moment he entered this room, all the attention of Knight Mark was on Baron Arthur, and it did not have any influence on him as a Templar. .
This state of Mark Knight can only appear in the extremely loyal knight.
This is a state where loyalty to the master exceeds all else. In this state, no matter what kind of enemy it is, as long as it dares to endanger the life of the master, the knight will explode with all his strength, even when facing the temple. knight.
Even in the Main family, there are very few knights like this, and even fewer who can reach the level of Sky Knight.
This is not to say that the sky knights of the Main family are not loyal enough, but that every sky knight has been able to achieve it after many hardships, and they have experienced too much in the process.
/In addition to their loyalty, they also need to cherish their own lives. They will have their own selfish motives. Some want to save their lives and become more powerful knights, some want to save their lives for the people they love, and some want to do it for their descendants, no matter what it is. For this reason, it is impossible for them to maintain their original unconditional loyalty.
Perhaps it can be said that humans will have distracting thoughts, and only a few brainwashed knights can do this.
Lord Gould has seen this kind of sky knight before, that is, a knight who serves the gods, but there is obviously no trace of that kind of faith on Knight Mark.
Lord Gould could only regard the appearance of Knight Mark as a kind of luck for Baron Arthur to be able to keep such a talent by his si