If people from Fire Scale Island catch up with you again on the way, you will have enough people with you this time. You are not required to capture them as well. However, you need to guarantee for me that these people will not make any mistakes again!
/But if it doesn’t work”
Chu Weiyang started to speak again but stopped. He just shook his head but said nothing more.
He knew that for people like Pei Wenli who had gone through the torture of life and death, just one or two words could not shake his soul.
Chu Weiyang only needs to express his thoughts completely and convey the meaning to Pei Wenli, and let him understand and develop the rest.
Chu Weiyang only looked at the results.
So, on the spot, Pei Wenli cupped his fists and bowed solemnly again.
“Servant, obey!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Pei Wenli turning around and wanted to chase the group of people towards the island.
Suddenly, Chu Weiyang spoke again and called Pei Wenli.
“By the way, if you still have some spare time, go and explore the city to find out where this Fire Scale Island came from. I don’t insist on this matter. It’s best if you can ask. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any information.”
After hearing this, Pei Wenli promised again, and then he walked in a hurry and disappeared.
In the same place, Chu Weiyang stood on the beach, looking at the vast scene in the distance. After thinking about the matter of Fire Scale Island in his heart again, he turned around and walked towards the Taoist Temple.
But before Chu Weiyang took two steps steadily, when Chu Weiyang raised his foot again, suddenly, a blue spiritual light appeared, wrapping Chu Weiyang’s figure, and he was in the blink of an eye. He flew towards the Taoist Palace and the Underground Palace.
in a blink.
In the lotus altar in the evil pond of the underground palace, Chu Weiyang’s figure emerged from the spiritual light and he sat on it.
He took a few deep breaths, and with the breathing in and out, the evil mist that had gradually spread in the underground palace was instantly swallowed up by Chu Weiyang into the stomach pill cauldron, and then in “Five Zangs and Qi” Under the refinement of “Essence”, it was suddenly refined into magic power.
With the condensation of mana, this seemed to be the only way for Chu Weiyang to hold his breath and concentrate. On the contrary, Chu Weiyang’s majestic thoughts and thoughts were completely empty and relaxed at this moment.
With a flip of his hands, Chu Weiyang held the jade slip shining with lightning in his hand again.
If what Chu Weiyang experienced in the previous disasters teaches Chu Weiyang some truth, then it is to let Chu Weiyang know that everything in this world must have a cause. There are results.