There are countless civil servants and military generals who manage the affairs of the heavenly palace and the underworld!
During the heyday of Fengdu, all the heavens and the underworld were managed by the six heavenly palaces!
The strength of these ghosts and gods is also extraordinary. They stand in the Yintian Palace, with the power of all gods blessing Beidi.
Beidi’s golden body was vast, and he placed a palm print on Fengdu Mountain. His divine power exploded, and he immediately suppressed the gods and spirits of the Ten Thousand Gods and Lei Division, making them unable to hold on. They all groaned.
Thousands of immortals were crushed and fell like raindrops, falling into the ancient sea of ??underworld.
King Su Xian stepped forward and praised: “You are indeed a wild god who has enjoyed incense in the underworld for a long time. He has come back from the dead and has such magical power, which is admirable. In your heyday, your strength must be higher than mine! But fortunately, I am I came prepared and borrowed a magic weapon for you!”
Behind him, a fairy sword soared into the sky. The sword light illuminated half of the underworld in an instant, and it stabbed towards Beidi like lightning.
King Su Xian smiled and said: “Bei Yin, do you still recognize this sword?”
The expression on Beidi’s golden body changed suddenly. This fairy sword was the sword that killed him back then!
King Su Xian was not the one who killed him. The person who killed him was named Jinhe Sword Lord. He was a master of swordsmanship. He had practiced to an extremely high level and was stronger than King Su Xian.
This fairy sword is the Jinhe Sword of Jinhe Sword Master. The sword was taken away by the Sword Master after he killed Beidi, but the sword brand was still inserted into the chest of Beidi’s golden body.
If not for the promised fairy water from Yaochi, Beidi would not be able to resurrect and break the mark of the Golden River Sword.
But what Beidi broke last time was, after all, just the mark of the Golden River Sword. Now that he saw the true body of the Golden River Sword, he felt his heart stop, as if he had been stabbed by the sword again.
He made a prompt decision and immediately offered sacrifices to Fengdu Mountain. He saw that the sacred mountain was getting smaller and smaller, like a three-foot-square black iron seal.
Fengdu Mountain faced the impending Golden River Sword. The moment the mountain and the sword collided, the sky was filled with sword shadows, like a raging golden river, washing away at Fengdu Mountain.
Beidi’s physical body was also shrinking rapidly, avoiding the impact of the sword shadow Jinhe.
Facing this sword, He could only hold on.
Su Jingyan laughed loudly. He did not do it himself, but only wielded the sword. He smiled and said: “I have heard for a long time that the Northern Emperor’s soul is vast, so I came here to learn from it!”
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