The Xuankong God King had a vast body and looked down at him from a high position, as if staring at an insect in the palm of his hand, and said: “Is this Chutian Capital different from the Chutian Capital you have seen before?”
Zixi recalled for a moment, shook his head and said: “Master, he was wearing a mask, and the disciples didn’t see the difference. However, his Six Secrets were changed and turned into a cave in the fairy world, which is very strange.”
“Is this so”
God King Xuankong was thoughtful and said, “I am a master who is proficient in the way of heaven. He has celestial eyes and ears that can reach the sky and a heart. He can observe every move anywhere in Mount Sumeru, hear anyone’s voice, and even see wherever he looks. What people think. But just now, I did not hear your conversation, nor did I see the scene in the Brahma Pavilion. Looking at his heart, I could not see what he was thinking. Those who can do this, either He has a strange treasure to protect his body, or he is as proficient in the way of heaven as his teacher.”
Zixi was awestruck, but still followed his words and said: “But Chu Tian is a member of the devil’s way, and it is impossible to be proficient in the way of heaven.”
God King Xuankong nodded slowly, his eyes still falling on him, as if he wanted to see what he was thinking.
Zixi relaxed her mind and only thought about respecting her teacher.
Ever since he became a disciple of King Xuankong, he has already developed this skill. What others have developed is duplicity, but what he has developed is duplicity, hiding his true thoughts.
God King Xuankong didn’t notice anything unusual and said, “Did you lose this challenge again?”
Zixi’s face turned gloomy: “Yes. This disciple is stupid.”
/Xuankong God King said: “It’s not your fault. The Taoist and magical powers of the ancient era are indeed superb and extremely powerful. The demons in the Demon Realm are the remnants of the ancient era. The little Tianzun’s extraordinary strength is the inheritance of the ancient era. .You were defeated at the hands of his disciple, and you did not lose unjustly.”
Zixi bowed and said: “Master, my disciple heard that there are fishermen on my Mount Xumi, eating people everywhere, causing people to panic. I don’t know about this, does Master know who is responsible?”
God King Xuankong was silent. Zixi felt awe-inspiring, with cold sweat on his forehead and did not dare to move.
After a while, Xuankong God King said: “I don’t care who the fisherman is, I don’t care at all. What this fisherman does, on the contrary, plays into my hands.”
“Disciple is stupid.” Zixi said.
Xuankong God King said: “Although Mount Sumeru is the central sacred mountain of Taishi’s great world, my power has never been able to get out of this central sacred mountain, because except for Mount Sumeru,