Nan Ziyan extended his hand to greet him and said, “The emperor is in the Immortal Palace. Master Xu, please come.”
“Great Emperor? Could it be the Immortal Emperor who lived in Ziwei back then?”
Xu Ying was quite excited, “Is there any Immortal Emperor still alive?”
He stepped into the immortal palace and looked back. Nan Ziyan did not follow him, but was waiting outside the palace.
/When Xu Ying walked into this immortal palace, he felt that the aura of the immortal spirit was even stronger. However, he saw no one and could only hear the voice of people: “The immortals in the earthly immortal world do not ascend, but live in the mortal world. Therefore, it is called the Earthly Immortal Realm.”
Xu Ying followed the sound and saw a statue of the Immortal Emperor enshrined on the wall of the Immortal Palace. Behind the statue was a portrait of the Immortal Emperor.
One of the portraits of the Immortal Emperor was opening and closing its mouth and talking to him!
“Don’t look at me, I’m just talking to you.”
The Immortal Emperor in the painting has slender eyebrows, accurate protrusions and dragon-like features, a majestic appearance, and is very majestic. He said, “I am the Ai Emperor of Ziwei Immortal Court. Later generations call me Empress Ziwei. You can call me Your Majesty. .”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Brother Dao, you are a painting and not a human being. It is inappropriate to call you Your Majesty. Emperor Ai.”
The Immortal Emperor in the painting looked gloomy. Xu Ying observed his words and changed his words: “Empress Ziwei, you just said that the Earthly Immortal Realm is called the Earthly Immortal Realm because immortals do not need to ascend to overcome tribulations. But where does the immortal spirit energy come from?”
The Immortal Emperor in the painting suddenly raised his feet, walked down from the painting, and came to Xu Ying. He held up a mirror in his hand, looked at it, showed disgust, threw the mirror back into the painting, and said: “This painting That’s not me at all! That bastard doesn’t look like the painting at all!”
/Xu Ying blinked, confused.
Empress Ziwei looked at the portraits of the Immortal Emperors of the past dynasties one by one, shook her head and said: “These people who painted for the Immortal Emperors are all bastards, and the Immortal Emperors they painted don’t even look like them!”
He paused and said: “Part of the spirit energy comes from the holy land of the earthly immortal world, and part comes from the other side. Back then, Haotian became emperor, known as Taiyi, and seized the throne of the Demon Court, forcing the Demon Emperor to abdicate in favor of a worthy man, and has since ascended to the throne of Dabao . Do you know why Haotian is so powerful?”
He came to the shrine of God Haotian, stared at Emperor Haotian in the portrait, shook his head and said: “The painting doesn’t look like it either. These bastard painters should all be beheaded!”
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly, wondering if this Taiyi