Xu Ying and Da Zhong were shocked. This was different from the news they had received.
Yankong City told them that this time only people born in Yuanshou who have the luck of the Dragon Court can get the treasures of the Dragon Court.
The luck of Longting, is it the luck of obtaining treasures, or the luck of being robbed?
“Yekong City, Zulong, Emperor Zhou, and the master of Niwan Palace, I’m afraid they are about to suffer a disaster!” Xu Ying thought to himself.
Another dragon immortal said: “There are also perfections and imperfections in seizing bodies. If we seize these bodies, we cannot perfectly combine with them, so we have to transform into flesh and blood and crawl out of their bodies. Their souls are also captured by ours. The soul is so stretched that it bursts. But you are different!”
Xu Ying was stunned and saw these extremely powerful dragon immortals looking at him with admiration. Long Yu praised: “Not only did you fuse his body, you also perfectly fused his soul! His soul has no Damaged, it has perfectly withstood your power!”
Xu Ying suddenly realized: “That’s it!”
“In ancient times, catastrophe was approaching, and we were silent for eternity, waiting for the opportunity to be resurrected.”
/Long Yu held up the rotating white flag, and the white flag floated. A group of dragon immortals followed the white flag and walked out. Long Yu came to Xu Ying’s side and said calmly, “It’s a pity that our resurrection went wrong. Duo She’s body did not have the luck of Longting and could not bear our souls. It would not take long for the body to collapse. Before that, we You must first go see your distant ancestor, resurrect your distant ancestor, and ask your distant ancestor to take charge of the overall situation!”
Behind him, there was a lot of noise, and many dragon immortals were excited and shouted: “After paying homage to the distant ancestors, they will kill Yuanshou and seize the real body!”
Xu Ying’s heart suddenly thought: “See the distant ancestors, and resurrect the distant ancestors? Can I not go?”
But the current situation is obviously not possible.
Long Yu and others were excited and extremely enthusiastic about meeting their distant ancestors. If he was unwilling to go, he would definitely be suspected by these dragon immortals.
Long Yu came to Xu Ying, walked with him, and said: “Long Ying, you are the only one among us who has succeeded in seizing the body. There is a heavy burden that has to fall on your shoulders.”
He hesitated and said: “This burden should not have been entrusted to you originally, but now it can only fall on your head. Have you heard of the Ten Thousand Dragon Banner Project?”
Xu Ying said, “I’ve heard of it, but I don’t have a high status and don’t know much.”
Long Yu said with a smile: “It’s no wonder. The Ten Thousand Dragon Banner Plan, the Sky Stealing Plan and the Recovery Plan are only known to the top dragon immortals in Longting. Your cultivation is far from being able to access this information. I’m afraid. A Dragon Clan