That seems to be the essence, but in fact it is the jade album that condenses the virtual image of the essence of the old Taoist humanity. In fact, in this process, Chun Yuzhi has quietly mastered the charm completely and perfectly.
This cycle between death and life is a cheaper “shortcut” than any other path to enlightenment.
And it was precisely in accordance with this kind of spiritual connection that immediately, as the jade book was turning into spiritual light, all the ancient seal patterns were thrown into the furnace of the Qiankun Dharma.
All spiritual forms were gone, but at this moment, in the red sun, nine rays of light shone in succession, accompanied by the faint sound of luan and phoenix. Visible to the naked eye, those rays of light shone one after another. The colorful rays of light collided one after another, and then, using the golden and red sun as a furnace, a phoenix turned into a nine-luan, and the nine-luan turned into a hundred birds.
Accompanied by the Taoist charms of “Zhenyang Wuliang Dao Sutra” and “Qingyang Danhai Dao Dao Sutra”, at this flashing moment, they intertwined and resonated with each other on the sea of ??flames. Along with the golden and red sun in the furnace, hundreds of people were dancing. The scene of birds flying towards the phoenix is ??really vivid.
In an instant, the part of Taoist cultivation aura that had clearly slumped suddenly suddenly surged at this moment.
In an instant, she returned to the peak state of the golden elixir. The charm of Chun Yuzhi’s transformation and evolution of Taohuo penetrated her spirit and spirit. In an instant, she fell into a passive and mysterious realm of enlightenment.
So, when Chu Weiyang raised his sleeves and robes again, in an instant, gray light flashed across, sending all of Chunyu Zhihe’s golden and red flags into the cave of his dojo.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang could feel most at ease only if he studied Taoism and understood the Dharma there.
And almost at the same time, Yun Han turned into a bolt of lightning in the boat, and then illuminated Chu Weiyang’s figure.
Silently, Chu Weiyang had a clear understanding. Lei Huo has always been in the same family, there is always a convergence in Taoism, and there is always a cycle of life and death in the charm.
At this moment, Chunyu Zhi transformed into nine, nine transformed into immeasurable, immeasurable and unified again, which touched the Yunhan that also mixed the five thunders with various qi, and controlled the heart of heaven with the five thunders.
/So, when Chu Weiyang nodded gently, the gray light that was about to be extinguished suddenly rose again, wrapping Yun Han’s figure in it.
“Take good care of you, Senior Sister Chunyu.”
“Senior brother, don’t worry, junior sister, don’t worry.”
Only after doing this, Chu Weiyang looked back at the dim and troubled world.
At this moment, I don’t know when, the old man who was sitting on the blue lion had already put the lamp that he had raised high in front of him. Moreover, at this mom