Qingfeng sacrificed the magic weapon and knocked down three more Dao fruits, one for himself, one for Mingyue, and one for Lan Suying.
Lan Suying smiled and said: “I want two.”
Qingfeng became angry and said: “It’s useless if you take too much of this Dao Fruit! If you take one, you can refine your own Dao Fruit. If you take more, you will only be able to refine one, and you won’t be able to refine two of them! Our fellow apprentices are besieged by mountains and rivers.” The Heavenly Ruler destroyed the Dao Fruit, so I have to take another one.”
Lan Suying said: “I beg for one for another person.”
Qingfeng suppressed his anger, sacrificed the magic weapon, and shot down another Dao Fruit.
Xu Ying said quickly: “Junior Brother Qingfeng, I also want one for each of my friends. I probably need four more!”
Taoist Qingfeng couldn’t help but said, “Why do you want so many?”
Lan Suying’s eyes lit up and she smiled: “Of course it’s for his parents, right?”
“Thank you, Sixth Young Master, for reminding me.”
Xu Ying changed his words and said, “I need five now.”
Lan Suying’s face darkened and she sneered: “It turns out that Xu Tianzun didn’t think of honoring his mother just now. I thought Xu Tianzun was a filial son.”
Xu Ying felt guilty. Just now he only thought of asking for one for Dazhong, Qi Ye, Jin Ye and Xu Jing. After hearing Lan Suying’s words, he thought of asking for a Dao Fruit for his mother who was trapped in the fairy world. .
“I wonder how my mother is doing?” He was worried.
Seeing that Qingfeng Taoist boy was still hesitating, Lan Suying snorted and said, “Qingfeng, do you think you brothers can still hold on to this Dao Fruit? You still have time to shoot down the Dao Fruit now. If you wait a moment longer, this tree will be full of trees.” None of the Dao fruits belong to you!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a roar. The emperor took the first step and forced his way through the ginseng fruit tree dojo and came in!
Behind the emperor, other heavenly kings entered the dojo one after another and headed towards the ginseng fruit tree!
Seeing this, Qingfeng quickly raised the golden fairy weapon and picked off one ginseng fruit after another. Xu Ying hurriedly caught it.
/Xu Ying was very worried and couldn’t leave if he didn’t leave.
“Mingyue, take the Dao Fruit!”
/There was a roar in the breeze, and Mingyue Taoist boy heard the words and immediately drank his Tao fruit.
Qingfeng swallowed his Dao Fruit whole. Both of them had experience in taking Dao Fruit, and immediately activated the Tianjun Dojo. They saw the brilliance flowing in the two dojos, and the Tao Yun was perfected.
The Dao Fruit of the two of them was originally broken by Shanshui Zhangtianzhi. After taking the Ginseng Dao Fruit, the two Dao Fruits were quickly restored.
The clear breeze and bright moon stimulated the Dao Fruit