The King of the East rushed out from the broken mountain, and Emperor Qinghua came in a flash. The blue sky and white sun appeared behind him, and the green dragon covered the sky and came with its claws.
Dong Wang was knocked upside down and flew away. At the same time, the “clanging” sound of the piano sounded. Before Dong Wang could stabilize his body, he felt as if he had been hit hard. The world was spinning in the sound of the piano, with no place to focus.
Emperor Fuyue raised his hand and strummed the strings a few times. King Dong groaned, rolled over and over, and flew out of the Yunguan world and into the Taoguan world.
/Yunguan, Taoguan and Yuguan are the three gate worlds in the world. These three gates all have huge gates left over from ancient times. There are also dragon-shaped characters on them, which cannot be studied anymore.
King Dong smashed through the ancient dragon pattern gate in Taoguan and fell into a majestic mountain.
He flew up, and then he saw Emperor Caiwei’s slender hand falling from the sky, crushing the surrounding space. The majestic mountain was immediately smoothed by a palm, and was driven into the ground along with him!
Emperor Jiuyou laughed loudly, descended from the sky, and struck the place where Dongwang fell with a punch.
/His body was as vast as the gods and demons in the Nine Heavens. With this punch, he actually blasted through the Yang world and smashed Dong Wang into the underworld.
Their tall bodies were blasted into the dark area of ??the underworld, shaking countless ghosts and souls around them and annihilating them. Countless people were killed and injured.
Emperor Jiuyou laughed loudly, soared into the air, raised his foot and stepped on it hard, and said with a strange smile: “My dear nephew, even your father has been controlled by us for 600,000 years, and he only dares to compete with us when he is fully fledged! You haven’t reached the level that your father did back then, but you still dare to challenge me?”
Before he stepped down, he saw a hand reaching out from the deep pit and grabbing his ankle.
Emperor Jiuyou was shocked. He realized that the power coming from Dong Wang’s body was extremely powerful. He lifted up his body and smashed him down hard!
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Dong Wang’s figure passed through the ancient and majestic mountains of the underworld, and finally stopped.
Thousands of palaces flew behind Emperor Que Lin, rushing towards the East King. Suddenly the East King soared into the sky from the thousands of broken rocks, jumped up, the sky cracked, and fairy light poured down.
The two of them rushed into the Earthly Immortal Realm one after another, exchanging dozens of blows as they rushed toward the Immortal Realm.
Que Lindi failed to block Dong Wang, but was forced to retreat by him, and was shocked.
“Bring it!”
King Dong returned to Yunguan World, rushed towards Ning Zhong, and reached out t