The ancestor god was stunned and said: “How do you know that it was me who captured him and not him who came to be a guest?”
The Holy Lord sneered: “Xu Daozu knows that you have always been petty. After seeing me cutting off my cultivation, you will take the opportunity to take revenge on me for killing you back then.”
Xu Ying nodded hurriedly.
/The Ancestor God smiled and said: “I don’t want to kill him, but the Holy Lord is unruly and does many evil things, so I invited his master and disciple to come over and supervise him to prevent him from going out to do evil.”
The Holy Lord sneered.
/Lou Mingyu couldn’t help but said: “Since the ancestor god advised him to do good, why not allow him to practice?”
The ancestor god did not answer. Of course He holds a grudge.
At that time, Shengzun and Qingxuan led other people from the Six Twelve Wonders to work together to deal with him and beat him until he continued to urinate blood for 600,000 years. It was not until the arrival of the promise that he was cured.
This hatred cannot be easily overcome.
Xu Ying said cautiously: “Ancestral God, today the Immortal Realm hangs high above the Earthly Immortal Realm. We need your sincere cooperation to unite the power of the Ancestral Court and the Immortal Court to fight against the Celestial Immortal Realm. Otherwise, the masters of the Celestial Immortal Realm will cut us off from the lower world. Not to mention your old scalp, I’ll also cut off your old scalp.”
The Ancestral God smiled and cursed, and said: “The Holy Lord is not even an immortal now. He cannot scare the six saints and the Twelve Wonders, so it is useless.”
The Holy Lord said calmly: “When I practice the new way, I will only be faster than Xu Daozu, not slower than him.”
The expression of the Ancestral God remained unchanged, but the sky in the Ancestral Court of Heaven was uncertain. Xu Ying, Empress Ziwei and others could not help but feel uneasy, knowing that the Ancestral God was at war between heaven and man.
After a while, the sky turned sunny, and Ancestor God said: “The overall situation is the most important thing.”
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
Xu Ying thought: “However, just the two masters of Ancestor God and Shengzun are not enough. We need to find more masters! Among the six masters and twelve masters, there are currently Qiongtai and three other masters. The realm has not yet appeared! Fairy Qiongtai should be suppressed in Zhangtianzhi. Where are the other three wonderful realms?”
He frowned slightly, Qiongtai and these three wonderful realms alone were not enough, more masters were needed.
Suddenly, Xu Ying looked at the long river, and then at Dalong who was still studying the head of the Bone Divine Dragon, and his heart moved slightly, “Perhaps, Dalong can be allowed to return to the physical body, and a complete Daojiu realm existence may be possible. Shock the world of immortals.”
However, with only its head left, can the dragon still be able to contro