The young ancestor god glanced at him, became angry and wanted to kill him, but that Lu Yiren was really strong and difficult to deal with without joining hands with the Holy Lord.
The young ancestor god couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.
He fought with Lu Yiren for four times and was seriously injured!
“Who is that Lu Yiren?” He asked in shock.
“I suspect that he is a visitor from the other side.”
The Holy Lord took a breath and said in a deep voice, “Except for Xu Ying, I have never seen anyone who can practice Cuiyan Avenue to this extent! Even Xu Ying’s attainments on Cuiyan Avenue are far inferior to him. There is another This person inspired Emperor Haotian, and because of his guidance, Emperor Haotian realized the enlightenment of Taiyi from the green rock, and that was how the human race’s Immortal Court came to be.”
The Ancestral God looked solemn. He was the Ancestral God and knew almost everything, but he knew nothing about this matter.
The Holy Lord hesitated for a moment and continued: “I also saw another mural in his immortal palace. Brother Taoist, did you discover anything on the day when the green rock in the earthly immortal world flew away?”
/The Ancestral God shook his head and said: “I don’t know anything about the green rock flying away. I don’t know when this green rock flew away.”
The Holy Lord said: “On the mural of Lu Yiren’s Immortal Palace, it is painted that he sacrificed Cuiyan and let Cuiyan fly away from the immortal world! This piece of Cuiyan took away Dao Lord Xuhuang and Daojun Yuxu. , Yuqing Daozu, Taiqing Daozu and other great masters in the Wonderful Realm! Even the entire Buddhist sect’s relocation to the other side may have something to do with him!”
The Buddha migrated to the top of Mount Sumeru and headed for the other shore. This happened before Cuiyan flew away.
How did Buddha know the way to the other side?
Someone must have told me!
The Holy Lord’s eyes were cold and he said: “I suspect that there must be many secrets that we don’t know about Cuiyan flying away. Also, not long after Cuiyan flew away, the major caves burst into tears. This matter Is it related to Lu Yiren? It’s also very doubtful!”
The Ancestral God looked solemn and murmured: “In other words, this person manipulated the great accident 600,000 years ago, which led to the destruction of all living beings and the destruction of the ancient era. But, what is his plan?”
He was puzzled.
The Holy Lord also couldn’t quite understand.
At this moment, the Ancestral God suddenly said: “Ming Zun, Zai Hao, Luofu Dao Master and others are coming here. Holy Lord, they should be looking for you.”
The Holy Lord’s face changed slightly and he said: “If they see that Brother Dao is also seriously injured, they will definitely be willing to help us and send us back to the west to avoid further pain.”