Even though the fifth-level Templars sent only energy clones, they didn’t need to pay attention to the safety of the energy clones.
On the contrary, any fifth-level Templar will not let his energy clone be lost easily, because every time the energy clone is condensed, it damages his own spirit and worsens his emotional lack.
The gathering place for the fifth-level Templars and the fifth-level priests was not in the main city, but on a flat grassland outside the city.
More than fifty huge tents were set up, and the area was filled with busy servants.
These fifth-level Templars are not alone. This kind of gathering, which is equivalent to the highest level in the divine world, is caused by the war, but the corresponding pomp is not lacking at all.
The energy clone of the fifth-level Templar Knight cannot enjoy delicious food, but corresponding preparations are necessary. The best food and the mellowest wine are sent from all over the world.
Each huge tent is like a palace, and the interior uses space effects to make it even larger than it looks on the outside.
Each fifth-level Templar brought at least hundreds of servants, which made the open space outside the main city of Kailian Star seem like a big city.
In the center surrounded by fifty huge tents is a golden tent. This is the residence of five fifth-level priests and the wartime headquarters.
“Bishop McKinley, how is the situation?” The fifth-level priest of Heaviside, who is also a war temple, asked Bishop McKinley.
Although the fifth-level priest of Heaviside is a fifth-level priest, his status in the Temple of War is on par with Bishop McKinley, and even inferior to Bishop McKinley in some powers. This is a matter of birth and qualifications. , and even more recognized by the gods.
/The fifth-level priest of Heaviside is an enshrinement in the Temple of War. Unlike Bishop McKinley, who mostly relies on outstanding talents to promote himself, the fifth-level priest of Heaviside has gone through more than a hundred years of continuous efforts. The second divine grace became a fifth-level priest.
After becoming a fifth-level priest, he didn’t have to worry about the trouble of emotional loss, because he didn’t need to consider this matter in his life span.
This is also the reason why the War Temple sends out the fifth-level priests of Heaviside. Even if these fifth-level priests are lost in the divine war, the War Temple will not suffer any big losses.
This is not only true for the Temple of War, but also for the rest of the Temple of Knowledge, the Temple of Wealth, the Temple of Earth, and the Temple of Justice.
The five fifth-level priests sent were all fifth-level priests who had only a few years left in their lives.
Of course, the real way to deal with the Plague God Gladstone is not the fifth-level priest, but the five young people deep in the golden tent. These five young people are only twenty years old a