He thought of a loving father and a stern father. He thought of the fire and how his father tried his best to escort him out of Kunlun, risking his life.
He thought of his blank face that he had been trying to remember for all these eternity.
At this moment, the blank face in the eternal memory is compatible with the scholar’s face.
“A Ying, your appearance has not changed, just like when you escaped from Kunlun.” Xu Jing came over and said in a low voice.
When Xu Jing rushed over and hugged Xu Ying, it was like hugging a child.
There are two Xu Ying in his mind. One is when Xu Ying escaped from Kunlun, he was still a small child. He was frightened and helpless. He ran out of the fire and fled to an unknown place while being chased by the gods. .
The other is that Xu Ying came to the mortal world from the fairy world. When he found him, he was a young Xu Ying, confident and strong, with a different kind of charm.
But now, when he held Xu Ying in his arms, he realized that this promise was not a child’s promise, nor an adult’s promise, but a teenager’s.
The young Xu Ying’s frame is very broad, but a little thinner. Before escaping from Kunlun, Xu Ying was a well-fed child. His body was not fat, but he could not be said to be thin.
The young man Xu Ying is a handsome man, not thin either, and very well-proportioned.
Only Xu Ying, the young man in his arms, looked very thin.
Xu Jing felt a little sad in his heart. Xu Ying suffered all the hardships during this period of his youth.
/He held his son’s shoulders, pushed Xu Ying away slightly, and looked at Xu Ying. What he saw was a somewhat shy young man, with skin slightly tanned by the sun on his face, with big eyes, and his eyes were a little evasive. There is also some confusion and joy.
This is a promise, not a promise from a hero among immortals, nor is it a child running for his life.
For Xu Jing, the fire that destroyed Xujiaping was so clear, and the face of an immortal god seemed to be in front of his eyes, as if all the events of yesterday were vividly in his mind.
But to Xu Ying, the fire was so blurry, and the faces of the immortals appeared blurry and ferocious, like a childhood nightmare.
In this nightmare, everything about childhood collapsed in the fire and was buried in the emperor’s sixteen-character seal. Only the fire was still burning, and even the emperor’s seal could not suppress it.
For more than 40,000 years, nightmares appeared from time to time and haunted him.
Xu Ying longed for family affection, especially longing for it. Whenever she dreamed, she wanted to return to her father and mother.
But suddenly one day, his father Xu Jing appeared in front of him and held him in his arms, but he felt a little strange and even dared not recognize him.
He still had the feeling of wanting to escape from here.
He was like an adopted child who finally returned to his parents one day. There was an uncle beside him, pointing at the strange-loo