“In this siege of Yin Yuanzi, we must isolate these people and not allow them to interfere, otherwise we will definitely fail.”
The distant ancestor asked, “Do you have any ideas?”
Ancestor God said: “I will fully restore the Heavenly Way in the Celestial Realm, causing a confrontation between the old and new Heavenly Ways. These dragon clan experts and strangers will definitely come to check. They will gather around for reinforcements and attract them to be eliminated one by one. Yin Yuanzi is because of his cultivation. His strength has not been restored and he will not leave the Longting Imperial Capital easily. By the time he reacts, most of the masters have been eliminated by us.”
This method is feasible, but both Yuanzu and Emperor Mingxun are hesitant. There are many dragon clan backbones here, and they are not willing to get rid of these dragon clan as well.
Xu Ying suddenly said: “Today’s dragon clan seems to have never learned the magic and magical powers of the underworld. Maybe we can set the battlefield in the underworld of the immortal world.”
The magical powers in the underworld require ancestors to be sacrificed and worshiped in order to form ghosts and gods. However, after the full transformation, today’s dragon clan no longer sacrifices to ancestors and worships their ancestors, resulting in the absence of magical powers in this area in the immortal world.
“In other words, they cannot enter the underworld.”
The Holy Lord’s eyes lit up and he said, “We will drag Yin Yuanzi into the underworld, so we don’t have to worry about being besieged by dragons and other strangers!”
/The Ancestral God smiled and said: “Restoring the Heavenly Way in the Celestial Immortal Realm can also suppress the Heavenly Way on the other side and weaken the strength of Yiren and Dragon Immortal. By then, I will completely restore the new Heavenly Way in the Celestial Immortal Realm. If one thing decreases, the other will increase, we will win!”
Everyone was full of confidence and flew towards the Longting Imperial Capital from the ground.
Outside the imperial capital of Longting, a voice suddenly said loudly: “Barbarian Xu Ying was shocked to hear that the immortal true king Yin Yuanzi on the other side, Dharma King, had arrived, so he came to visit him. Xu wanted to see the real secret skill on the other side, but he encountered an inhumane person, so I will kill Qi Xuan first, then Hong Bo. I am here today to ask Yin Yuanzi for his advice!”
As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar in the Longting Imperial Capital. The Dragon Immortals were filled with indignation, even more angry . They rushed out of the imperial capital and surrounded Xu Ying.
Prime Minister Yuan Heng was furious and shouted: “Xu Ying, you are so brave! Your Majesty let you live, but you dare to run back. Today, you will not be tolerated!”
Xu Ying laughed loudly, looked around without fear, and said loudly: “What I challenge is the true inheritance of the other side. The Dragon Clan has not obtained the true inheritance, so