This treasure is the supreme treasure of the Tao of the Earth Element, and it is the main material for the condensed Tao-proven treasure coveted by monks of the Earth Master lineage! It is also the main mine treasure material that originally accompanied the dim yellow spirit iron! Integrate the two phases and smelt them in one furnace, the two phases are suitable, and you will reach a higher level! ”
What Yushu Dragon King said seemed to be to take care of Chu Weiyang’s future.
But looking at the jade box in front of him, Chu Weiyang only felt chills in his heart.
Think about how the spiritual silk thread was delivered to Chu Weiyang earlier? Chu Weiyang wondered how the bundle of silk threads was placed in the Dragon King’s warehouse earlier, and how the Dragon King handed it over to Chu Weiyang.
Jade box? Encapsulation?
There is no such thing!
But at this moment, what was placed in front of Chu Weiyang was a box carved from chalcedony. The jade box itself was considered a good spiritual material. Of course, more importantly, it was like the White Bone Temple earlier. The jade box that Daozi Huo Bohu handed to him had the same shape.
Equally unique, there is the treasure sealed in the jade box, Zhenyue Magnetic Essence.
Yushu Dragon King’s words naturally sounded reasonable, but they were a bit too high-sounding. The perfect fit of his words was filled with a sense of being casual and perfunctory.
The Dragon King of Yushu seems to be warning the cultivators in this field in such a malicious way. Even if their every move has not fallen into the eyes of the Dragon King, it has also fallen into the Dragon King’s perception and guess.
/Similarly, among the crowd, all cultivators were frightened, and their expressions showed on their faces.
On the contrary, it was Chu Weiyang who was in the same place. After the chill passed by, all his emotions were suppressed by the “Corpse Refining Diagram”. In this brief moment, Chu Weiyang even took the initiative to use the poison of magic power. Qi works on itself, keeping that calmness and calmness as natural as possible.
After doing this, Chu Weiyang seemed to be really happy, raising his hand to take the jade box.
“Junior, thank you senior for your gift! Thank you senior for your gift!”
When he finished speaking, Chu Weiyang flipped his hands and put the entire jade box into the Qiankun Bag without even looking at the treasures inside.
/At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s mind had already completely calmed down.
So what if the guess is true? In the final analysis, what the cultivators have agreed upon is already within the rules of the Dragon King’s banquet, that is, loopholes can be exploited. This loophole itself is also a kind of fate. As long as the Dragon King still wants to be reasonable here, he must take advantage of it. Hold your nose and recognize it.
Now, it’s not like a silent warning, but more like so