“I have to admit that snail noodles are an unforgettable wonder in the fan world. If you haven’t eaten snail noodles, you can’t be called a fan person.” An Nuan said with great force.
“Being a fan is not an achievement to be proud of.” Liu Changan felt that there was no need to be so imposing, especially since she had to speak with her head held high.
“After we eat the snail noodles, let’s kiss, okay?” An Nuan restrained her bold aura and asked delicately.
“Okay.” Who is afraid of whom? There is no need to reject things that hurt each other.
“No!” An Nuan laughed again and pushed Liu Changan away in disgust, as if he had already eaten snail noodles and wanted to kiss her.
The two people came to a small alley and smelled the smell of snail noodles from a distance. They didn’t need to look around and followed the smell. When the smell was the strongest, they arrived outside the store.
/I ordered powder and sat on a plastic stool. The table was a folding wooden table coated with a layer of tung oil. It was oily. I took off two pairs of disposable chopsticks and started eating.
Many times, if you want to eat some delicious food, you can’t be too particular about hygienic conditions. If you don’t eat well, you usually have to keep it out of sight.
“I asked my mother to come and eat snail noodles, but she was unwilling.” An Nuan said, “She felt that her elegant image did not match the snail noodles.”
“Then when you put on the little skirt I gave you, you may not want to come here to eat snail noodles.” Liu Changan warned.
“What you gave me is a cheongsam.” Just when she was about to say it was a cheongsam, not a skirt, An Nuan understood. She poked the bowl with her chopsticks in surprise, without saying her guess, and just looked at Liu Changan.
Liu Changan nodded.
“I don’t want fans anymore.” An Nuan put down her breakfast, moved a stool and sat over, hugging Liu Changan’s arm, and pressed her cheek against his shoulder coquettishly.
“If you don’t eat rice noodles, why don’t you eat your own dog food?” Liu Changan saw two young boys at the opposite table glaring in this direction.
“Yes!” An Nuan opened her mouth, “You can feed me!”
It was unbearable. Liu Changan shook his head and fed her a mouthful of rice noodles. This little girl just liked to act coquettishly. What could he do? I had to rely on her.
Some people feel full when they eat rice noodles.
Some people ate cockroaches, unknown hairs, and dentures while eating powder.
Life is like this. Many times it feels like it should be what it should be, but there are always some surprises that surprise and frighten people.
Liu Changan and An Nuan were sitting on the street table in the shop eating noodles. This arrangement was a bit like the noodle stall Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling used to set up outside the community.
As soon as I finished eating half of the noodles, it began to rain lightly. In