The corners of the Holy Emperor’s eyes trembled, Zhou Qiyun’s words touched his sore spot.
However, Zhou Qiyun did not take the opportunity to take action, but continued: “People say that you are the master of ZTE, but you just don’t bother. As for ZTE, hehe, what does it have to do with you? You have a heart but nowhere to relax, and you do it intentionally. No, you thought it was us aristocratic families that were holding you back, but in fact it was you who was holding you back. Your Majesty, you thought the old minister was stopping you, so you went to learn how to refine qi and alchemy, but you didn’t have enough talent and ended up making a mess. Make yourself look like a human being or a ghost.”
The Holy Emperor laughed loudly, his breath floating.
But Zhou Qiyun still didn’t take action and said calmly: “Your heart is higher than the sky, and you accept incense widely. At the same time, you opened the two major secrets of Yujing and Jianggong, hoping to open them to the ninth heaven and then cultivate Qi. It stands to reason. He said that your cultivation strength should far exceed mine, but you still can’t surpass me. Why? Life is thinner than paper, and your wisdom is insufficient.”
The Holy Emperor’s aura was turbulent.
“Your Majesty said that Xu Ying would fool me around. However, since he found out that you were on Jiuyi Mountain, he has been interested in you. He taught the Guo family’s sword control skills, revealed the Qi refining method, and acted in a flamboyant manner. All of them were thrown to His Majesty. Bait, let’s see when His Majesty takes the bait.”
/Zhou Qiyun said, “He needs a master to deal with me. As long as your majesty goes to him to decipher the Qigong skills, he will bite his fishhook. But your majesty thought he had a plan and caught him.”
The Holy Emperor laughed loudly: “Do you think a little wild boy from the country has such a scheming mind? How dare he plot against me?”
/“He is a snake catcher, and he is careful when catching snakes, otherwise he will not survive.”
Zhou Qiyun said, “I am also a snake catcher. I have lived since the time of the Great Sage Emperor Zhidao to this day because I am careful enough. Your Majesty, I will go to Wutong Palace to get your Majesty’s “Jiuxiaoyang Shenxuan Altar” achievement”.”
He stopped looking at the Holy Emperor and walked directly towards the sycamore tree on the top of Jiuyi Mountain. He said slowly, “Your Majesty can go to the underworld to hunt down Xu Ying. But if I get your Majesty’s Jiuxiaoyang God and the harmony of yin and yang, then I will make rapid progress in my cultivation and complete the last step of ascension. At that time, Your Majesty will appear to me as if he is in the p