Taoist Wukong asked: “Is it possible that Taoist Master Ji Cang really cultivated Shi Tianyang as a disciple?”
Xu Ying, Qingxuan and Shengzun sneered and expressed disbelief.
/This monkey has never been harvested by anyone and has no idea of ??the sinister nature of people’s hearts.
“I’m not too worried about this innate spiritual treasure.”
Xu Ying looked at the big flag and saw that his big flag was made up of a ball of apricot-yellow flames. When it was unfolded, it could travel through the chaos. The flag became wider and wider, stirring up the sea of ??chaos.
Wherever the flag passed, the sea of ??chaos parted, forming a torrent of black and yellow water, which flowed along with the flag, which was very strange.
Xu Ying stopped sacrificing flags and placed the flags in the Sea of ??Chaos, saying: “I always feel that it’s weird that Taoist Master Ji Cang can collect these flags. It’s better to put them in the Sea of ??Chaos to warm them up. Maybe I can refine the Taoist Master in them.” brand.”
Shengzun, Qingxuan and Wukong Taoist also stepped forward and inserted their flags into the sea of ??chaos, which was eroded by the sea of ??chaos.
Taoist Wukong asked: “Won’t it be corroded?”
Xu Ying said with a smile: “This thing is originally a spiritual root born in chaos. It grows in chaos, extracts nutrients from chaos, and nourishes the source of water. It is naturally indestructible.”
Taoist Wukong was a little relieved.
Taoist Master Ji Cang often walked out of the seal when he was not teaching Shi Tianyang. When he saw the four people washing the banner in the sea of ??chaos, he couldn’t help but shake his head: “These four bastards are too careful.”
However, he was also worried that the four banners contained the imprint of Master Hua, so he did not dare to keep them. He promised to give them to them if they wanted them.
In the sea of ??chaos, another building ship was also sailing towards Zhaojie.
The two men and one woman on the boat were the three disciples of Master Hua. The two male disciples, one was named Bian Chen, the other was named Chu Tu, and the other female was Li Xiao.
The three of them took a boat and drifted in the sea, targeting the eucalyptus tree in Zhaojie, but the journey was quite far.
Li Xiao smiled and said: “Zhaojie is one of the earliest universes ruled by Bi’an. When Bi’an encountered Zhaojie, they encountered strong resistance. Do the two junior brothers know this?”
Bian Chen and Chu Tu looked at each other and shook their heads. Bian Chen smiled and said, “Sister, can you tell me the reason for this place?”
He quietly sent a message to Chu Tu and said: “Li Xiao is our senior sister. She became a disciple earlier than us and learned more skills from her. If she follows us into the Zhao Realm, I’m afraid she will end up with bad luck. It will be her, not us!”
Chu Tu also said in his autobiography: “Her cultivation level is higher than ours. Only by joining forces in a sneak attack can