Xu Ying returned to Daoji Tianshe’an Palace. Taiyi Daojun had already returned to She’an Palace. Seeing him frowning, he asked why, and Xu Ying explained his troubles.
The Lord of Taiyi Dao said: “What’s so difficult about this? It doesn’t matter what kind of Dao you practice, the path you take is acquired and goes against the innate path. Martial arts is just another name for acquired. Why not just call it “The Record of Hongyuan’s Reversal of the Dao” .”
/Xu Ying hesitated and said, “There are too many words, can it be reduced?”
/Taiyi said: “Then let’s call Wu Ji Zhengdao.”
Xu Ying hesitated for a moment and said: “I’ll just follow the teacher’s advice and call it Hong Yuan’s reverse evidence. Did the teacher send Master Hua back to Qionghua Island? Is Master Hua’s injury serious?”
Taidao: “I’m afraid his injury will not heal in a short time. Tianjing Taoist Master is our teacher. We all went to listen to his sermons back then. He is very familiar with the Taoist practice of Hua Taoist Master. When he was injured, They are all aimed at his weaknesses. However, if Hua Dao Master can recover this time, his Taoism will definitely go further.”
After cultivating to the realm of the Taoist master, you can see that it is not the cultivation but the Taoism. The higher the Tao Xing, the stronger the strength.
Xu Yingdao: “Master went to save Taoist Master Hua this time. Instead of accepting your affection, he will actually bear a grudge against you. Master, can you take advantage of this opportunity to prove Taoist Master in one fell swoop, so that you don’t have to worry about him enlightening you?” time of the attack.”
Taiyi Daojun shook his head and said: “Wanting to attain Taoism is easier said than done? What I need is not Hua Dao Master’s Luo Ying Divine Axe, but you first attain Taoism and become immortal. The Luo Ying Divine Axe will not bring me much benefit, but your Hong The source-reverse evidence will bring me great enlightenment.”
He sighed and said: “In this future calamity, if I cannot attain the Tao Master, and if the Taiyi Sect cannot have a place in it, it may be wiped out as a sacrifice at any time.”
Xu Ying felt awe-struck in his heart and said: “Master, don’t worry, I will definitely achieve immortality within three thousand years. I will give you a beating and help you become the master of the Great Way!”
Not long after, Taiyi Daojun sent an order to all the disciples of Taiyi sect to go down the mountain and leave Daoji Tianshe’an Palace. The lower realms spread out, established sects, and each looked for opportunities to break through.
Taoist Lord Jiuhen was also ordered to go down the mountain by Taiyi, so he came to look for Xu Ying and said, “Master even kicked me out. I wonder what big thing happened?”
Xu Ying said: “Master is preparing for the catastrophe in three thousand years. I will drive you all out now to familiarize you with the cruel competition and look for opportunities for you to take a further step. If you can preach on the other side, after the cata