“Armand, I also found some connections. Duke Arthur doesn’t have many friends, but the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin is definitely one of them. I asked the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin to make peace with him!” Anselm The fifth-level Templar heard Armand’s fifth-level Templar tell him what he had done, and couldn’t help but smile and whisper.
The two fifth-level Templars actually knew very well that from the moment Job’s fifth-level Templar left the conference room angrily, the alliance of forces was disbanded. After that, the two fifth-level Templars must unite. Only then can we act in unison without affecting each other.
/David was sitting on the castle platform of Garmistar, enjoying the sunshine that belonged to him alone, holding August’s notes of the fifth-level Templar in his hand.
Many of the contents recorded in this note opened his eyes, and he truly understood the secrets of the fifth-level Templars.
David put down the notes in his hand and stood up with surprise in his eyes. Then his figure left an afterimage on the spot. He himself had already rushed into the castle at high speed.
In the room where the hatching array was arranged, he looked at the black flying mount egg with some excitement.
The black flying mount egg vibrated slightly. After five days of incubation, the flying mount inside reached the conditions to break out of its shell under the nourishment of the power of blood and immortal vitality.
David will not help at this time. There is a description in the information about the flying mount. At this time, the flying mount needs to work hard on its own. If it cannot even break the eggshell, then the flying mount is not even qualified to survive, let alone Let’s talk about future potential.
Just as he was thinking about it, a crack appeared on the eggshell, and a black sharp beak stuck out from the crack. The black sharp beak moved left and right twice, and the crack on the eggshell became larger and scattered.
/The flying mount inside was revealed in front of David’s eyes. David frowned. According to his aesthetics, the little guy in front of him was not beautiful at all.
The little guy’s body is pitch black, even his eyes are completely black, which is consistent with the color of the eggshell itself.
Its body is slender, with a long thin tail. Compared to its body, its wings are extraordinarily large, starting from the bottom of its head all the way to its tail outwards.
But no matter how David looked at it, this little guy didn’t look like a bird. Not only was it because the little guy had no feathers, but it was also because this little guy not only had a pair of clawed hind feet, but also a pair of front claws at the tips of the wings. .
The little guy seemed to be hungry when he came out, and swallowed the black eggshell in big mouthfuls.
David couldn’t help but marvel at the little guy’s strong digestive ability. The hardness of the black eggshell was not low. A newborn little guy has such a powerful digestive ability.
The little guy eats very quickly, and its