Once the two states are captured, the next step will be to conquer Xianzhou. At that time, the capital of Wu Zhou will be the trembling little girl in the corner, directly exposed to the evil man Qi Yan.
The following plot can refer to SJZ Zhao Zilong, seven in and seven out, easy to switch in and out.
Therefore, although the Huangji Sect and the royal family wished to conquer Tianjian Peak immediately, they did not dare to push the Tianjian Sect to death. If the remnants of Qinggan broke through and let Qi Yan in, no one would be able to do so. Eat the good fruit.
The same goes for Qingqian. Xisanzhou is regarded as the foundation for the restoration of the country. Faced with the increasing pressure of Huangji Sect, on the one hand, they call Qi Yan brothers, and on the other hand, they guard against stabbing their brothers in the back.
Qi Yan’s strategy is even simpler. Brother, just go ahead. As long as I’m here, Wu Zhou won’t dare to do anything to you. Don’t be afraid. As long as you dare to die, I will avenge you. Hey, my sister-in-law is so pretty.
The competition between major powers is very complex if you say it is complicated, but it is indeed very simple if you say it is simple. If you ignore the political factions within each country and neutralize the left and right sides, there will be only one final result.
Who is your brother?
At present, Qi Yan is only stationing troops within the country’s borders to show off its power, and not a single soldier has entered Wuzhou. The national war has not yet begun, and it is limited to civil strife in Wuzhou.
Generally speaking, all three parties are restrained.
/The towering majestic mountains turned into a continuous barrier, the rushing river stirred up the thunder, and the two blockades faced each other, no more than a hundred meters apart.
The blockade on the east side comes from the Huangji Sect, which prohibits all monks from entering the Western Three Prefectures, especially the fleeing forces of the Iron Sword Alliance. Once discovered, they will be killed on the spot.
The blockade on the west side came from the Tianjian Sect. Qinggan failed to attack the hot search several times. He knew that no one would respond to the restoration of the country in the name of Qinggan, so he rebelled not only as a rebellion, but as a rebellion forced by the government and the people. Furthermore, the Emperor Ji Zong is not a good person, and he must bear a large part of the responsibility for the royal family’s indulgence. He sincerely invites the emperor’s hegemons to go to the three western states, choose another Ming Dynasty, and rebuild the Wuzhou kingdom.
This blockade was used to resist the Emperor Ji Sect on the one hand, and on the other hand it was used to receive cannon fodder and consumables.
According to rumors, there are hundreds of people who claim to be kings and self-proclaimed emperors in the Three Western Prefectures, a mixture of fish and dragons, and