This is creating something out of nothing, creating a universe out of thin air from a sea of ??chaos!
Among them, the different ways opened up the sky, the chaos evolved into the world, the Yuanshi Dao Qi emerged one after another, and the innate and immortal spiritual light evolved. Such spectacular things made Xu Ying intoxicated!
And when the portal opened, Xu Ying saw that there was another universe hidden in the portal, infinite time and space, layers of different time and space that either overlapped or added up, or were high above, surrounded by layers of void, and powerful wizard gods standing tall!
/Suddenly, the door suddenly closed, and the vision of opening up the world disappeared from his eyes.
/“Fellow Taoist, I was harmed by others and now I am dead.”
The man in green on the small boat sailed towards him, riding the wind and waves, and stretched out his hand to him from a distance. A rich voice came, “Praise my name! I will return! Praise my name, I call”
Suddenly, the chimes of the Chaos Clock were heard, muddying the man’s voice, and a chaotic wave came over, drowning the man in green and the boat.
The man in green and the boat were drawn into the depths of the Chaos Sea and gradually disappeared. At the same time, the chaotic sea in the illusion in front of Xu Ying suddenly appeared and the huge wall of the Chaos Clock became more and more real, as if it was coming from the Chaos Sea. It’s like squeezing into an illusion!
At this moment, the palm of the man in green penetrated the chaos and slapped the chaos clock hard. The bell rang, and all the illusions in front of Xu Ying disappeared, and he couldn’t help but sweat profusely.
Yuan Weiyang’s call came to his ears, and after several calls in succession, Xu Ying came back to his senses.
“Weiyang, have you seen it?” he asked in despair.
Yuan Weiyang frowned slightly, not knowing what happened to him, and fearing that Di Chen would find out the relationship between the two, he sent a message: “A Ying, you go back to Huangji Imperial Capital first, and then contact me after I recover from my injury!”
After that, she escaped into the void and disappeared without a trace.
Xu Ying was still confused, and the groundbreaking scene kept appearing in his mind, as if it was imprinted on his mind.
The scene of the opening of the Chaos Sea really shocked him. For the first time, he witnessed the magnificent scene of completely opening up a universe, and saw the invincible power!
“Can Di Chen do it?”
He kept asking himself in his mind, Di Chen was already the most powerful existence he had ever seen. Could he create something out of nothing and create a new universe in the sea of ??chaos to create all things?
“I’m afraid I can’t do it.”
He thought silently, “Could it be that the person in the coffin is the foreigner that Taoist Qin Luan mentioned? The foreigner Su Yun also has the power to create the world, and the person in the coffin also has this power.”
He again denied this view.
The man in t