In the eyes of alien beasts, dragons are also alien beasts. When danger is approaching, even if the dragon cannot protect them, the dragon should stand with them. What’s more, it has this ability, but it chose to sacrifice itself to protect humans. To the alien beast, this is tantamount to betrayal.
“Fortunately, we survived under the protection of Empress Nuwa. Although we slept for countless years, we finally woke up.” Zhu Nu looked up at the sky and couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Is it really still the same starry sky?
Liu Changan was a little surprised, “Isn’t Nuwa the guardian of human beings? How come Nuwa went to protect the alien beasts, but the dragon, the king of alien beasts, went to protect humans.”
Zhu Nu was silent. The surviving beasts now respected Nuwa Empress extremely and did not dare or were unwilling to point her behind her back.
“Did Empress Nuwa survive?” Liu Changan asked curiously. Someone who can withstand meteorites and protect alien beasts should be able to recover like him.
It is this Nuwa Empress. I don’t know if she is the ultimate existence evolved from local creatures, or she is a visitor from outside the world who came at that time.
Liu Changan even suspected that it was related to the red-haired girl with twin tails.
“Empress Nuwa will not die, she must still be alive!”
After Liu Changan asked this question, Zhu Ni suddenly became excited. His eyes were bulging and bloodshot, his nostrils were opening and closing, and he was blowing out a passionate breath. After looking up at the sky, he stared at Liu Changan with firm and almost crazy eyes.
“Calm down.” Liu Changan held its mouth.
Zhu Yan could only gasp and gasp through the gap between his lips and teeth. When its breathing calmed down, Liu Changan let go of its mouth. After all, he didn’t want to beat it, but its crazy eyes were full of aggression.
“I also believe that Empress Nuwa will not die. I just want to get to know her.” Liu Changan said with praise and admiration in his tone. In fact, he was not sure that the Empress Nuwa mentioned by Zhu Da was the one in myths and legends. Bit.
/For human beings, they are too ancient existences, and their deeds passed down from human mouths are often merged with each other. In the case of Nuwa, it is possible that the identity of Fuxi’s sister came from a person who made humans out of mud and willow branches. The story comes from one person, and Butian may be another person, but these deeds and identities have been placed on the head of one person during the countless years of legend spreading.
Therefore, the Nuwa Empress mentioned by Zhu Nuan cannot be regarded as the one in the popular version of the myth.
“I’m afraid you don’t have such a chance. Empress Nuwa sacrificed herself to save the beast. I believe she will be reborn, but we are just looking for Empress Nu