Patriarch Jing Ling smiled and said, “Why don’t you dare?”
He climbed up the mountain and just stepped onto the Chaos Fairy Mountain. Suddenly, he saw a drastic change in the world. The Chaos Fairy Mountain and the Hunyuan Universe disappeared. Instead, there was a vast sea of ??chaos, with countless chaotic creatures swimming around a giant egg in the sea.
The giant egg cracked open, and a giant stood up slowly, with terrifying Taoist power, holding the Divine Ax in hand, pointing at Patriarch Jing Ling from a distance, and said with a smile: “Jing Ling, although you are Yuanshi, your head is chaotic and stubborn. Wait until I kill you.” Open up!”
Jing Ling was surprised. The giant was a chaotic soul that was manifested by Hutun Sheng using the magical method of chaos to unify his own chaotic state. His magical power was boundless.
“It’s really impressive to have so many outstanding masters around Xu Ying.”
Patriarch Jing Ling praised, “He has the divine power to open up the world and open up so many universes. He must have collected a lot of Yuanshi Dao Qi for you to practice, so that you can achieve your current level of cultivation.”
He walked forward directly, shook his head and said: “Fellow Daoist Xu seems to be cultivating you, but in fact he is making the misfortune of the Chaos Sea worse. Damn it, damn it!”
Hutunsheng manifested the Yuanshi Yuanshen and struck him with a divine axe.
/Patriarch Jing Ling sneered, offered a bright pearl, and held it up to the divine axe. The pearl was not big, less than an inch, but when it collided with the divine axe, it caused the ax to bounce high.
The pearl pressed down, and Hun Tunsheng felt as if there was a cosmic power crushing him down. This power was so thick and boundless that it immediately suppressed his soul and kept shrinking.
His soul couldn’t bear it anymore and suddenly collapsed, turning into countless Huntun creatures and running away.
Patriarch Jing Ling smiled and said: “Little fellow Taoist, your chaotic state only unifies the soul, and cannot truly unify. If it were truly unified, you could still defeat me. Don’t waste your efforts.”
He paused, and the force tore through the sea of ??chaos in front of him. The Huntun students all over the mountains and plains vomited blood and were exhausted.
There was an uninjured Hutunsheng on the top of the mountain, who shouted loudly: “Jing Ling, since you want to see the unity of chaos, then I will help you!”
He turned around and bowed to the Chaos Immortal Palace, saying: “Please help me, sir, to unify the state of chaos!”
Patriarch Jing Ling’s expression changed slightly, and Xu Ying’s voice came from the Chaos Immortal Palace: “It’s done.”
Patriarch Jing Ling was about to take action when he saw a strange force pouring out of the Immortal Palace. In an instant, all the Huntunshengs were connected. The countless Huntunshengs