“Coupled with the fact that the Chaos Clock can summon countless chaotic creatures, it would be an idiotic dream for the Dao Alliance to conquer Xinzhou.”
Xu Ying thought about it, “It’s better to go to the source of the Nirvana of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty first. This flood has been extinguished long ago. Logically speaking, it is the moment when the Nirvana Sky Fire emits infinite vitality. As the Chaos Lord, I have a responsibility. Eradicate this chaotic spiritual root!”
He immediately turned the bell around and rushed towards the source of death in the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty.
/When they arrived at the location of the source of the Nirvana Flood, they had long since disappeared. The surroundings were empty. Xu Ying mobilized his karma and calamity to deduce the whereabouts of the debris in the universe. After a while, he calculated the location.
He jumped down from the big clock, and the big clock said excitedly: “A Ying, now it’s my turn to sit on you!”
Xu Ying raised his right hand, and the big clock fell on his palm. Xu Ying held his head in one hand and the clock in the other, and walked in the direction he had planned.
After a long time, he came to the outside of Da Kongming where the Dao League lived.
The Great Sky Ming Realm was separated from the chaotic void because of the absence of Jin Yu’s fire jujube tree, but it is still the supreme holy land in the chaotic sea!
Here, Taoist temples stand tall and perfect, forcing out the energy of chaos. The light of Taoism is like a tide, like a torch in the sea of ??chaos.
The Dao Palace of the Dao League is where the palace masters live, and the palace masters are often at the end of the road!
/The Dao League has a large number of palace masters, and even though three palace master-level beings died in Xu Ying’s hands, including even a Karma Palace Master, it is still not painful for the Dao League.
Xu Ying looked at the numerous Taoist temples and the area surrounded by these Taoist temples.
Instead, there was energy of chaos there, falling from the sky and smashing into the debris of the universe below!
The remnants of the universe were so doomed that they had not been burned up by the sky fire, leaving some strange substances that could not be melted and decomposed even by the extinguishing sky fire.
However, above this wreckage, there is a black stream of light bathing in the falling energy of chaos, frantically absorbing the power of chaos!
This was the first time Xu Ying saw the black chaotic spiritual root, and he was shocked.
That black flowing light is exactly a chaotic spiritual root composed of innate immortal spiritual light!
This spiritual root is rooted in the ruins of the universe, uses the ruins of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty as nourishment, and uses the power of chaos as spiritual energy to grow and grow!
The shape of the spiritual root is like a black Ganoderma lucidum or black jade Ruyi, and the movement of swallowing the Qi of Chaos is extremely astonishing!
Xu Ying has seen the strongest spiritual roo