Xu Fu said softly: “This matter is not a big deal. Mr. Xiang and Thirteenth Niang, if it is really you who did it, just admit it.”
Chu Shisanniang chuckled and said: “The sacrifice to the God of Plague is indeed related to us, and the diversion of the Naihe River is indeed our fault. If we don’t kill some people to sacrifice to the God of Plague, how can the God of Plague come? If the God of Plague doesn’t go on a killing spree, how can we let the God of Plague come? Is the Nai River changing its course?”
Young Master Xiang said quickly: “Only after the Naihe River changes its course will the water flood the small stone mountain, attack the deserted temple, and rescue the Qi Refiner who was suppressed in the stone well!”
Da Zhong couldn’t help but became furious when he heard this, and said angrily: “It turns out that you were the ones attacking Xiaoshishan that night when the Naihe River changed its course! It was you who caused my three thousand years of achievements to be ruined! In my well, I suppressed the gods who made trouble three thousand years ago!”
Chu Shisanniang spoke quickly and said: “It’s just that the woman doesn’t know what’s good and what’s good. We saved her, but she didn’t appreciate it. She injured the bell and left!”
Xiang Haikong said: “She was still burning the god of plague in Zhudu country and launched a sneak attack.”
Xu Fu coughed, Xiang Haikong felt awe-inspiring and did not dare to say anything more.
Xu Fu smiled and said: “This matter is a small matter. For the great cause of Qi Refiner’s restoration, something must be sacrificed. I think it is worth sacrificing these human lives in exchange for the rise of Qi Refiner.”
“Have Brother Xu asked those who were sacrificed?”
Xu Ying asked, “Have you ever asked them whether their death was worth it?”
Xu Fu frowned and sighed: “Xu Jun, four thousand years have passed, and you are still so stubborn. You have been a mortal for four thousand years, and you have suffered so many beatings from life in four thousand years. You are still so stubborn.” Are the edges smoothed?”
/Xu Ying’s heart was filled with rage, his eyes were fierce, and he said: “Brother Xu, don’t be my enemy.”
He walked towards Mr. Xiang and said, “Today, I want to kill two people!”
Suddenly, Xu Fu burst out laughing, stretched out his hand from behind, held his shoulders, and said with a smile: “What happened before was just a misunderstanding.”
Unable to move her body, Xu Ying turned her head to meet his eyes and said softly: “What if it’s not a misunderstanding?”
The wounds at the corners of Xu Fu’s eyes gradually turned red, and his eyes gradually turned cold. He let go of his shoulders and smiled: “Four thousand years have passed, and you still haven’t changed. You had this look in your eyes when we were at sea. Back then, you gave me The scars I left have not healed yet.”
An Qi and Dazhong were shocked: “Are the scars at the corners of Xu Fu’s eyes left by Ah Ying? How far did Ah Ying in that era break the seal?”
They could