At the same time, it was almost the moment Lu Bei punched.
Zhu Qilan’s eyes darkened, his heart stopped, and he used a secret method to ignite a mana frenzy, and the whole body was cold to the freezing point.
A palm was raised from the chest, and the slender white fingers were spread out. The force of the palm spread across the torrent, and the extremely cold light that froze all things was condensed into one point. As the palm pushed, the space dozens of feet in front was frozen, and the light was shining brightly. The five fingers pressed towards Lu Bei together.
/die! x2
Time slowed down, the fist split open the layers of frozen space, and collided with the slowly approaching slender palm in the air.
In a daze, Lu Bei felt like he was falling into an ice cave. There seemed to be nothing in the palm of his hand in front of him. It was so hollow that he had nowhere to vent. Before he could react, an overwhelming force exploded instantly.
Boom! !
Huang Zhongda Lu’s ears trembled, and Lu Bei’s body trembled for a while. His sword body, which was as powerful as his, could not bear it at this moment. The energy and blood in his chest surged, and his breath couldn’t help but disperse.
The earth was sunk in a circular arc, sonic air currents roared, and countless gravel shells exploded in all directions.
The white beam of light spread straight along the southeast, northwest, and spread all the way. The existing ice crystals instantly froze and came to life, and then the sword energy went wild, tearing apart the visible and invisible parts.
The sound of air waves kept ringing like cannons, violent winds roared across the border, and swept the nearby streets like hurricanes. The wind wall roared and pressed down, rows of buildings, courtyards, and pavilions collapsed, and screams and screams broke out one after another.
“Ahem! Ahem!”
The violent air wave was released, and Lu Bei flew out upside down. He coughed up blood with ice cubes in mid-air, and his limbs were attacked by the cold air, making it difficult to move for a while.
The shock in his eyes couldn’t be concealed. He was only at the Great Perfection of Divine Transformation state, which was only one level higher than him. It was outrageous enough that he could not die with one punch, but it could actually hurt him in turn.
Incredible, simply unbelievable!
Zhu Qilan hit the ground like a floating stone, rising and falling several times in a row. The manic sword energy in the body was mixed with terrifying force, tearing the tendons, messing up the flesh and blood, and exploding a cloud of blood mist outside the body.
She hit a boulder and her entire slender body was embedded in it. Her ears buzzed and her mind went blank.
Unable to suppress the blood welling up in his throat, he coughed out several mouthfuls, staining half of the grimace mask red.
In the small land of Sanzhou, there is such a powerful demon cultivator. He can hold his breath, disguise himself, and his identity is difficult to identify. His sword intention a