Dao Huang shook his head and said disappointedly, “Is it the pressure I put on you that prevents you from breaking through?”
His figure rose up, and the Nirvana Sky Fire burned in the Wuji Dao Sea, becoming more and more powerful. After this battle, the Nirvana Sky Fire in his body had begun to break the balance.
If Xu Ying still couldn’t make a breakthrough, understand the innate nature, and realize the truth of the great road, then he could only kill Xu Ying!
/He must leave behind a useful body, go to the source of the universe, and completely open up the source of the flood!
He blasted out a seal, and under the shock of this seal, the universes in the Houtian Dao Sea were shattered one after another, revealing the remains of the universe inside!
The wreckage shook and cracked, and beams of light rose into the sky from the cracks!
The Holy Ancestor sighed. In the previous battle, most of the wreckage in the cosmic cemetery had been sublimated, and the Dao Emperor’s attack had sublimated the remaining part of the cosmic wreckage!
The sublimation of this part of the cosmic debris means that he is no longer immortal.
“As for Xu Ying, it is even more impossible to survive the Dao Emperor’s attack.”
Just when he thought of this, a sudden and violent impact struck him, knocking him away. True Monarch Daoji quickly tried his best to protect the Holy Ancestor and resist this terrifying impact.
The two of them stabilized their bodies and looked around, only to see that Xu Ying’s Houtian Daohai was shrinking rapidly, and the Dao Emperor’s blow just now was actually received by Xu Ying!
Xu Ying’s aura is improving at an unusual speed, and the acquired Daohai is becoming smaller and smaller!
The various avenues seem to be flowing backwards and shrinking!
And the various magnificent cosmic scenes in the Dao Sea are also shrinking at this moment, and the universes fall one after another and melt into the sea.
Not only that, even the Tao tree and the Tao fruit universe on the Tao tree are returning to the Tao flowers and flower bones, and finally disappear.
The Dao tree is also shrinking rapidly, turning back into a small tree, back into a sapling, back into a bud, and then disappears into the Dao sea.
“What’s going on?” Saint Ancestor and True Lord Daoji were each at a loss.
However, in Daohai, Xu Ying’s cultivation level increased rapidly, and in just a few moments, he was able to rival the Dao Emperor!
Not only that, he even started to counter-press the Dao Emperor.
However, Dao Huang looked extremely excited and was no longer as indifferent as before. He smiled and said: “Okay! Okay! Fellow Daoist Xu, I will put some more pressure on you!”
Infinite light pours out from the treasure box. This light is infinite and can transform all dharma. It can be transformed into the light of a sword, which can cut off the body and spirit of a person; it can be transformed into a snare, which can collect all things; it can be transformed into a mountain, which can suppress all changes; it can be transform