Xu Ying opened the “Five Deng Shen Shui Yin” and saw that there were dense annotations next to this book, which should be the experience of Dongmei Qing’s ancestors practicing this technique for generations.
He read the whole article and found that there were indeed some flaws in the annotations in the book, but the rare thing was that there were not many flaws, and it could even be compared with Tuoyu’s Immortal Book!
Tuo Nu’s Immortal Book is an annotation of “Yuan Yu Ba Yin” by Tuo Nu, an ancient qi alchemist. It is extremely rare and is a technique that directly points to ascension.
“Five Deng Shen Shui Yin” also points directly to ascension, but it is slightly weaker.
/Xu Ying closed the “Five Lamps Divine Water Guide” and said, “You only practice divine water, not real fire?”
Dong Meiqing shook his head and said, “I have never practiced.”
Xu Ying walked around him and suddenly stopped: “You live in a volcano?”
Dong Meiqing was surprised and said: “How did ancestor know?”
“If you didn’t live in a volcano, you would be dead.”
Xu Ying said, “Samadhi Divine Water can certainly wash away the impurities in the golden elixir of your physical body, but it will also hollow you out. There is no Samadhi True Fire in your body to enhance the fire nature, so you can only live in a volcano. Only this is enough.” If it’s not enough, you must have taken some miraculous elixir. You must have a miraculous elixir like a fairy to resist the hollowing out of the Samadhi Divine Water! What did you take?”
Dong Meiqing shook his head and said, “I have never taken any magical elixir.”
Xu Ying was surprised and thought for a moment. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he smiled and said, “You are a Nuo master!”
Dong Meiqing’s expression suddenly changed, she quickly looked around and saw no one around, then she said: “The ancestor has unparalleled wisdom. During the time of Emperor Wu, divine induction was very popular. Although I am a Qi practitioner, I am not exempt from vulgarity. I have been cultivating for a long time. Cultivating Nuo techniques. None of the Qi practitioners like Nuo masters very much. Although some of us have opened the secrets and practiced Nuo techniques, we are all cautious.”
Xu Ying didn’t take it seriously and said: “I also opened the secret treasure. Did you open the Niwan secret treasure?”
Dongmei Qing said yes.
/“It’s no wonder. The secret treasure of Niwan can steal the elixir, and when the Samadhi Divine Water empties your body, there will be a large amount of elixir of immortality accumulated in your body, so you can live until now.”
Xu Ying felt puzzled and said, “Then why weren’t you eaten?”
Dong Meiqing was puzzled, but Xu Ying came to his senses and hurriedly said: “Who taught you the Niwan Palace Nuo method you practice?”
Dong Meiqing said: “When hundreds of schools of though