Originally, there was no need to be so close. Even an airship could easily destroy the Huang family’s ancestral temple with a single strike from afar. He was mainly worried about the broken soul escaping.
Physical attacks are no problem, but if a spiritual clone escapes, modern technological weapons cannot scan it and Wang Xuan needs to personally monitor it.
Now that he has fallen out, he has no scruples this time. Even if he confronts the beings behind the scenes and has a fierce conflict with the immortals, he will still take action.
Others will regard him as the “road” to return. If they are going to return on his bones, what else do they care about? This time he was ready to fight back fiercely.
If the immortals cross the border and take revenge on him, then they will fight to the end and see who is going on the killing spree!
Jinding Mountain is covered with a big curtain, and it is hazy. The immortals are silent. They exude rich immortal substances and stare at the “humanoid passage” in the world.
Their long-cherished wish is about to come true, and they will return to the world again and become immortals of flesh and blood in reality!
“There are some problems. I saw the shadow of the interior location, but I still can’t open it. Is it because the interior location is too special?”
There was a woman making a sound inside Wang Xuan. She tried several times, but all ended in failure.
At this time, five creatures had passed through Wang Xuan’s body, using his flesh and blood as a carrier, trying to forcefully penetrate the inner road.
“There’s nothing wrong with his flesh and blood, but the interior location doesn’t seem right!” someone said.
Wang Xuan’s face was expressionless and calm, but in the distance he was secretly sighing that the ancient treasures were really amazing, and they had hidden them from all the immortals!
This is naturally not his real body, but it is so lifelike that it can even be said to be exactly the same. It is like recreating him. Even the blood is not visible, and there is also super matter and vitality flowing away.
On that day, not long after he left the Huang Family Ancestral Temple, he left his body and checked himself with his spiritual eyes, and found vague rune marks.
/He naturally had some ideas at that time, but he did not blacklist Huang Kun directly. Perhaps the other party was worried that he would steal the thread that could be used to fish for the higher spiritual world and kept it in reserve.
After all, any rare object that can penetrate the higher spiritual world is absolutely priceless and cannot be lost easily.
Wang Xuan naturally wanted to eliminate them, but he didn’t want to do it too close to the Huang family for fear of disturbing Huang Kun.
Then he rushed to Wu Yin’s family to extend the lives of Wu Chenglin and others.
He got a wooden man from the Wu family. At that time, he studied it carefully and realized that it was an incredibl