After saying hello to Wang Xuan, he continued talking on the phone, nervous and busy.
Old Chen looked complicated and opened his mouth, as if he didn’t know where to start.
“What’s the condition of my body after I left?” Wang Xuan knew as soon as he looked at his appearance that he might have caused some trouble.
“During this period, the mysterious factors in your body were almost exhausted, your consciousness completely disappeared, your whole person was like a living dead, and your vital signs were close to disappearing several times.”
Chen Yongjie didn’t know where his spiritual consciousness had gone. He was afraid of disturbing him, so he didn’t dare to act rashly at first, but in the end he couldn’t help but wanted to replenish the super matter for him.
“But at that time, your body suddenly flowed silver light on its own, and your life level increased. I felt that the energy was different from what I saw now.”
When Wang Xuan heard this, his heart moved. His spirit was baptized in the silver pool, and his body was also nourished in return? This is a bit bizarre. How can the silver liquid reach the physical body in an instant across such a long distance?
“You glowed twice before and after. If you were not nourished by the silver light, your body would be extremely deficient.” Chen Yongjie said solemnly.
Wang Xuan thought that without the strong mysterious factor and the support of the three heavenly medicines, he would probably not be able to travel far.
For ordinary people, this road is difficult to navigate!
In fact, even though he had spiritual eyes and was holding the God-Slaying Flag, he was almost killed when crossing the void.
Then, Wang Xuan sensed that the silver substance remaining in his body was consumed slower than the super matter!
This made him raise his head. Maybe he had found the right path. In this environment, it dissipated quite slowly.
And this extraordinary silver substance still did not come from a real place, but was born on the way to a place of nothingness, from a pool of life.
Wang Xuan has reason to believe that there may be even more extraordinary extraordinary substances in the real place.
For example, if that kind of red cloud can be analyzed, it can be absorbed and used by the human body. Its power is simply unimaginable!
“Did you succeed?” This is a question that Lao Chen is extremely concerned about, his eyes are fiery. In this era, the mythical system is dying. Whoever can find a new path will truly be breaking new ground!
/“Already on the way!” Wang Xuan nodded. He thought that he had found the general direction, but he needed to get through a dead end.
The “crater” is a stumbling block and can burn the fully activated God-Slaying Flag until it is scorched black, which means that even the most powerful person cannot pass that level!
He didn’t know if he could rush through with the treasure health furnace.
Chen Yongjie was indeed stunned and almost exclaimed, is this possible? !
In this world, is there really anyone who can change