“Pi Lai!” Outside the barrier, Wang Xuan spoke again, and as if imitating his true master, he stood there calmly and calmly, raising his right hand to the sky.
/Chen Yongjie tossed it gently, and with a whoosh, the pale golden animal skin fell into Wang Xuan’s hand. It shook twice, and some ashes fell out.
/The master, who was wearing a silver mask, had a crackling sound on his face, with several cracks appearing on his mask. His eyes stood up, staring at the two people outside.
In the end, he didn’t say a word, which was meaningless. Now that he couldn’t get close to the other party, all his words seemed pale and would lose his identity.
He naturally knew who it was, and as soon as the hook came out, his identity was revealed. The other party was seeking revenge on him, and he didn’t care how strong he was, because he was determined to be his mortal enemy.
“Fellow Taoist, I discovered that animal skin first. There is no need for you to be angry.” The “Netherworld Blood Cult Group” who was in the radiant blood wheel spoke and made a stab.
The man wearing a silver mask turned around and ignored him. The suffocation could only be filled in his heart and could not be vented for the time being.
He took one last look at Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie and ignored them.
“This is a biting dog. He doesn’t even utter a sound. You have to be careful when you encounter him again. This grandson is very vicious.”
Outside the barrier, the two of them whispered. Although they were angry, they also knew that they were jealous of the mysterious man wearing a silver mask.
“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, we have been fighting him to death for a long time. Slapping him twice and smiling at him have the same effect. Instead of doing this, find an opportunity to catch him again!”
Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie ran away, hiding in the clouds, studying this animal skin. It was really very chronological. I don’t know how many years ago it was.
It is one foot square and has two holes burned out. Touching it is like caressing a heavy piece of history, giving it a heavy feeling.
The God-Slaying Flag moved slightly, causing Wang Xuan’s heart to resonate, and his eyes immediately became extremely fiery.
He put the two things together, but nothing happened. What happened? Is there any relationship between the two?
Wang Xuan studied for a long time, took off the silver animal skin book itself, and touched each other, but still could not put them together. He was lost in thought for a while.
“Is there something missing?” He always felt that the flags, animal skins, etc. he got should be related, but he couldn’t assemble them.
“Perhaps, these are all products of the experimental process and have cause and effect, but they are difficult to truly integrate.” Chen Yongjie said.
Wang Xuan nodded and said: “It makes sense. This seemingly top-notch and powerful mythical civilization has some doubts about whether it can refine the Royal Dao Flag in the en