The door opened and Wang Xuan stepped here. He suddenly felt like he had entered a new world, which was completely different.
Ahead, the stars are bright and the universe is vast. It seems like we are outside the sky, but there are no spaceships and no extraordinary beings watching the battle. It is extremely peaceful.
He turned around, and the door to the underground palace was closed, and the place behind him disappeared. It was like a door to the starry sky, closing off contact with the outside world.
“Do you have some good tricks that you want to use and think you can suppress me? Come on.” The Book of Years made a rather plain voice.
Wang Xuan slandered, he was indeed an old thief, he was aware of it, but he couldn’t hide it from him.
“It’s better for you to tell me a story first.” Wang Xuan spoke calmly, and in order to paralyze it, he took out the God-Slaying Flag.
/Moreover, he hesitated a little, and the iron drill also appeared in his left hand. Then, he looked calm and confident, as if he was emboldened by this.
“Is this the Royal Dao Flag!?” The Book of Time was shocked. The appearance of these two artifacts exceeded his expectations.
It was examining it and said, “There is something wrong with them. Are they parts that have been disassembled? There seems to be something wrong with them, specious.”
“Do you know Yu Daoqi?” Wang Xuan asked calmly.
“Of course, if I don’t even recognize it under the starry sky that belongs to the extraordinary universe, how can it be called the Book of Time?”
When Wang Xuan heard this, he became more and more convinced that this was probably what the Old Testament carried. Otherwise, how could it be possible to cross the great star field, cross time and space, and understand the vanished treasure very well.
/“Do you also know about the Human Sword, Xiaoyao Boat, and Health Stove?” He talked with the Book of Time.
“It is natural to know that it is precisely because of them that the extraordinary civilization was born in the land of immortality, the land of gods, and the land of scientific and technological life.” The Book of Years responded affirmatively.
Wang Xuan originally wanted to do something dirty to it and find an opportunity to tear up the book, but now he restrained himself because he was shocked and moved by it.
What is this situation? How many treasures have created three other mythical places? He was a little confused and shocked, and he had to figure it out.
The Book of Time said: “Although they are unwilling to admit it, even in the three major domains of immortality, gods, and technology, some people are trying their best to hide it and do not want to reveal the past, but the truth is like this and cannot be false. Although myths appear by chance, if we trace them back If so, the inheritance does come from the same source.”
Wang Xuan can probably understand that mentality. After all, there are some small tribes in the old land, and they would like to say that the whole universe started with them.
What’s more, these three m