This made his eyes change. The person who came was evil, very fierce, and extremely powerful. His spiritual eyes opened, and he was immediately alert. This big hook was mixed with 80% solar gold. It was not a mortal thing, it was divine iron!
This material suddenly reminded him of his experience in the dead land, when the mysterious creature on the moon used this sun-gold hook to catch him.
/There is also that kind of silk thread, which is crystal clear, but this time it is very thick, similar to a finger, and the inside is engraved with dense patterns, like stars, and the material is similar.
“The dead creature, why are you here in the old land?” His expression suddenly became extremely solemn, and he looked up at the night sky through the window. The moon was hanging in the sky, with a faint blood color!
If you look closely, the moon tonight is like a bloodshot eyeball, a little demonic, a little different, and it doesn’t look very clear.
The big hook came again, bright and cold, and almost hit his mouth.
“It’s too much to bully people. Where is the bait? There were scriptures before, but now you can’t even part with a secret book. Who are you looking down on?!” Wang Xuan avoided it again.
Moreover, a dagger appeared in his hand, similar to bronze, but definitely not as long as a palm, and he slashed towards the fishing line without hesitation!
At the beginning, it was this dagger that he used to cut the fishing line hanging in the dead land.
The moonlight fell on the house, illuminating the ancient sword blade in his hand. Now Wang Xuan activated the secret chapter of Zhan Dao Sword Sutra and merged with the physical sword in his hand. The dagger seemed to have life, buzzing and trembling, and transformed in an instant. It is extremely dazzling, like a big sun rising up and turning into a sword wheel.
/The sword light passed across the transparent fishing line as thick as a finger, and there was no sound. The line just broke, but Wang Xuan’s heart was not very at ease. He did not feel like he had hit something real.
In the void, the fishing hook glowed, and with a whoosh, it disappeared into the night sky, but the broken line did not leave. The densely packed runes inside lit up, and the room became softer, as if there were many snow-white feathers floating.
It was energy light rain, like feathers, like white goose feathers and heavy snow, just falling down, like a beautiful dream.
Moreover, Wang Xuan’s spirit was in a daze, and he was about to be sucked away by a mysterious force, which was pulling him forcefully and trying to break free from his physical body.
The situation is very wrong. This time, it seems that they are trying to lure away his soul?
In an instant, Wang Xuan armed himself mentally, just in case.
His soul is wearing a white robe, which is the silver animal skin book, and his head is wrapped in a golden animal skin with two holes burned out. He is holding a god-slaying flag and a hidden iron drill.
Tonight, it was an unkind person. Even th