Perhaps the Immortals are the improved embodiments of those legendary strangers and alchemists?
Wang Xuan believes that it is just a rare and special individual among human beings.
Long years have passed, and there are no traces of either myths or immortals.
Professor Lin smiled at Wang Xuan and said: “According to your guess, immortals and Buddhas are also humans, so all immortals and Buddhas have disappeared.”
Wang Xuan nodded: “As long as they are human beings, their fate has already been determined and they will all perish.”
Qin Cheng was fascinated by what he heard and was very interested. Then, he felt it was a pity and said: “If those extremely powerful individuals among ancient humans lived to this era, and with the help of high technology, they could reach out to the supernatural power that existed in Xinxing. , can we continue our lives, or even have the hope of immortality, as the plutocrats long for?”
“In the past dynasties, whether they were rich people or powerful people, they have been diligently pursuing it after reaching a corresponding height, and their ambition for immortality has never changed.”
Professor Lin was inspired because he had personal contact with some people who are now promoting these studies and investing a lot of money.
“If you want to study old skills, I won’t stop you. I have something here to give you.” Professor Lin stood up and took down some papers from the bookshelf.
He was very serious and handed it to Wang Xuan and asked him to put it away.
Qin Cheng was immediately curious and craned his neck to take a look.
Professor Lin glanced at him and said: “If you want to learn, I won’t stop you, but practicing this kind of thing requires an extremely solid foundation. You have to work hard, otherwise, you may have very serious problems and your life will be affected.” damage.”
Professor Lin made it clear that you cannot touch this thing if you have not yet completed Qi collection and cannot nourish your body internally.
When Qin Cheng heard this, his face suddenly fell.
When Wang Xuan heard this, he immediately understood that this should be some kind of very powerful “root method”.
Internal nourishment, Qi collection, meditation, etc. can fundamentally change a person’s physique and spirit, which is called the root in old techniques.
/Although physical skills and so on are gorgeous and vital in actual combat, they need to be based on root skills.
“I deciphered the things recorded in the pile of bamboo slips in the photo and recorded them on these papers.” Professor Lin informed the origin of Genfa.
The things recorded on the paper actually came from the pre-Qin tomb.
Wang Xuan was deeply surprised. This was truly an ancient method. It was so old.
/During that period, it was not easy to preserve especially the bamboo slips.
Before the ancient tomb was opened, the bamboo slips had already rotted away.
Even if it is not rotten, at the moment it is opened, due to drastic change