This bracelet locked the sword of the world, making a clanging sound and shaking violently. The two were entangled together, and a terrifying light erupted, tearing apart the mountains.
/“Fang Yuzhu, just focus on saving people. In this situation, you have to stand up for others, be careful I will kill you. If you fail to save people, you will be in a desperate situation!”
The sword madman spoke indifferently. His body of more than two meters tall was as compelling as a demon, and his blood was erupting like a torrent. He was like a prehistoric beast that came out of chaos, which was breathtaking.
“Shang Yi, you take action again and again. Even in this case, I can accompany you. But I have something to say first. If we fight this time, one of us will definitely fall and only one will survive. You , feel free to give it a try!”
Fang Yuzhu’s body glowed, standing together with the patches of feathered sacred bamboo, using light and rain to protect Jiang Siyuan, nourishing the remaining bones and fragments of his soul, and extending his life.
The shadow couple stepped forward, stood in front of Fang Yuzhu, and faced the sword madman. The couple were not unkind people. In this situation, if Fang Yuzhu had a decisive battle with a lunatic, he might suffer from hatred and suffer a big loss.
They knew that Jiang Siyuan had sacrificed his life twice to save Fang Yuzhu. Putting it into perspective, if the couple faced their savior, they would save their lives at any cost.
Wang Xuan was far away and destined to be too late to save him. The Shadow couple did not want Fang Yuzhu to fight to the death with the sword madman and involve her.
“It doesn’t matter. We can save Siyuan and kill Shang Yi at the same time. I have no problem!” Fang Yuzhu asked the two of them to step back while she stared at the madman.
“Really?!” Shang Yi looked at him indifferently. He had always been extremely domineering and pointed his sword in all directions. Since ancient times, few people dared to confront him head-on.
Now, murderous intent arose in his heart, and he wanted to take action, to put an end to this woman who could rival her.
Qitian said: “Everyone, there is no need to rush to take action. Let’s take a look at what is going on in the deep space first. The battle should have come to an end. I said that Wang Xuan will not die and will definitely save his life. The most urgent task is to first It’s important to bring him back. If you fight bloody here and waste time, his life may really be in danger if his origin is damaged.”
/“Give me precise coordinates and contact the spacecraft in deep space!” When the Shadow couple heard these words, their hearts ached and felt extremely aggrieved. They endured the attack and held a glimmer of hope in their hearts to see what the outcome would be. .
“There is no need to contact the spaceship. There is no need to go to such trouble. The two treasures just shook violently, and now there are residual fluctuations released through the c