“This wine should be fine, I’ll try it.” Wang Xuan said, pouring some from the wine bottle and falling into the space-time order in the shape of a small wine glass.
The wine is green in color, sparkling like a faint flame, and has an intoxicating fragrance.
“There’s nothing wrong with it. This kind of wine is a great medicine that can enhance your soul.” Fang Yuzhu knew after smelling it that there was nothing wrong with the medicinal wine.
Then, Wang Xuan drank it. In an instant, the clarity of the vegetation, the mellow wine pulp, the light inspiration like a flying fairy, the fragrance of flowers, and the almost real strands of supernatural power all surged up together, making him relax and fight. The fatigue from the end was gone.
Moreover, he felt that the soul was being nourished, as if his Taoism had been consolidated, and the tenacity of the soul seemed to have improved.
Fang Yuzhu was surprised and said: “For ordinary people, the effect will be very obvious after drinking this glass of wine. It seems that your own soul has evolved perfectly, and there is not much change even if it is nourished by it.”
Wang Xuan shook his head, feeling a little overwhelmed.
Fang Yuzhu also drank a small glass. After a while, she was in a slightly tipsy state. As she said herself, she was not good at drinking. Of course, she did not mean ordinary wine, but this kind of immortal wine.
As for Wang Xuan, he is staggering a little now. This so-called immortal drunkenness can really knock people down and make him feel drunk.
Fang Yuzhu, who was not good at drinking, was actually stronger than him. His strength was there, he was just a little tipsy.
Wang Xuan felt that he was dizzy and everything he saw was reflected.
“Sister Fang is not drunk, but I am drunk. It’s so embarrassing.” He shook his head so hard that he needed Fang Yuzhu to support him, which made him embarrassed.
“Look, Lao Zhang is a monster. He actually has three heads. He is sitting on the big tree outside my house. When will his voyeurism change?”
Wang Xuan pointed downwards. Although he was drunk, in his hazy eyes, he still saw Lao Zhang and started shouting in mid-air.
“I’ll go, it’s midnight, and he’s sitting with the Dark Blood Sect Ancestor. Are they having a drink with each other? Why are their arms intertwined together? Oh, could it be that I’m drunk and seeing a double image?”
/Below, Zhang Daoling’s face suddenly darkened, and he also had the so-called spiritual eye. What a bad eye. He was sitting here drinking, protecting their bodies, but when the drunkard came back, he dared to bury him and deserve a beating.
The ancestor of the Dark Blood Sect was speechless and said: “Did these two people enter the Yaochi and return drunk? I think Fairy Fang is slightly drunk.”
With two whooshing sounds, Zhang Da