The reason why he stayed and did not cross the sea with the immortals was because he was an emotional person who could not let go of his relatives in the real world. He was a flesh and blood person, not a pure cultivation tool.
But over the years, he has indeed deviated from his original intention.
“Mom, you are breaking my Taoist heart.” Wang Xuan said with a smile, and hurriedly walked over, put his arms around his mother’s shoulders, apologized there, and said that he would not leave this time.
“What kind of Taoism do you have!” Wang Zesheng felt that he had been too wild in the past few years and never returned home. He didn’t like him and wanted to slap him again.
“Stop fighting.” Jiang Yun quickly stopped him. Over the years, we had been together less and more apart, and more than two years had passed. Although she criticized him, she was still very concerned and worried about Wang Xuan, fearing that something would happen to him outside.
In the evening, Wang Xuan’s mother prepared a table of delicious dishes, all of which were his favorites. In the night, after eating delicious meals at home, he was slightly lost in thought. How long had it been since he sat down to eat with his family?
Over the years, he has been in the secret realm and deep in the universe. Many times he has been fasting because of the environment. This does not mean that he does not need to eat. There are also times when he is eating various compressed foods.
“Mom, the food you cook is so delicious.” These were words that came from his heart. If he looked carefully, he could see that his mother had some gray hair on her temples, and she was indeed a bit old.
He once suspected that his parents might be “strange people”, but now he sees that they have become a little older as time goes by, and his nose can’t help but feel slightly sore.
Busy with spiritual practice and far away from his parents, he reflected in his heart that it was really time to change. His parents who were getting older were not strange people, and he might lose them one day.
/“Dad, let me have a glass of wine with you.” He discovered that he still had some of the fairy wine he brought out from the curtain at home. Although it no longer had extraordinary properties, it still had a strong aroma.
/This dinner made Wang Xuan feel that he had “revived” and returned, forgetting everything in the universe and becoming a normal person.
Suddenly, Wang Xuan felt a sense of restlessness. He quickly concentrated and sensed carefully that in the world behind Mingtu, over the hazy sea, there were spirits flying by. Even the one he wanted to jump into the sea and return to, but held back, was only blurry. emerged, where he faced him in the real world.
A reunion meal actually caused strong fluctuations in his own soul. It resonated with him and seemed to want to retu