It can be said that their top aristocratic force has common interests, and all members will not harm their own interests.
“Speaker Abby, what are you going to do?” Lord Marcus asked in a deep voice.
“Lord Marcus, you just heard that I will convene a meeting of lords to discuss how to handle this matter. Duke Arthur is good at assassination, but he is only one person, and we have the strongest god in the world. Alliance and strength!” Speaker Abe said with a smile restored on his face.
But in fact, Speaker Abe felt uncomfortable in his heart. If possible, he did not want to break up with Duke Arthur head-on, which would make him a direct target of Duke Arthur.
No fifth-level Templar would want to become Duke Arthur’s assassination target before knowing Duke Arthur’s true trump card.
“McPhee died because of the mission of the Alliance. I hope the Alliance can help the Baruch family and at least ensure the interests of the family until there is another fifth-level Templar!” Lord Marcus stated his conditions.
/“Lord Marcus, I will propose it at the meeting and try my best to promote the proposal!” Speaker Abe considered it for a moment and nodded.
We cannot break the hearts of our allies at this time. Anyway, the Baruch family and Lord Marcus, a fifth-level Templar, cannot touch the Baruch family until at least Lord Marcus has not gone into seclusion. beneficial.
Besides, the rest of the top nobles still need to contribute, even if it is just a pretense, they must show their care for the Baruch family.
“Then I’ll go back and prepare to attend the meeting!” Lord Marcus has no intention of staying anymore, and it is impossible for him to attend a remote meeting here.
Lord Marcus walked out of the Supreme Council and looked back at the building that represented the highest authority in the divine world. This majestic building was built on the scale of a temple. He shook his head again and flew in the direction of the portal.
After seeing Lord Marcus, the teleportation staff set up the teleportation destination for him in advance. He stepped into the teleportation gate and disappeared into the teleportation gate.
The planet-level portal flashed with light, space energy gathered inward, and then a body composed of energy appeared.
Lord Marcus’s energy clone was wrapped in space energy. He waited for two seconds and allowed the space energy to slowly dissipate. During this process, he was still thinking about the content of Speaker Abe’s conversation with him.
The electric light that David transformed at this time was at the foot of where Lord Marcus appeared. This was the position he had calculated.
Just when the space energy protecting Lord Marcus disappeared, more than sixty knights activated their bloodline power