But what can the two of them do with Hawthorn’s fifth-level priest? They can only look at Johnny’s fourth-level sky knight.
Johnny’s fourth-level sky knight’s soul was injured by Hawthorn’s fifth-level priest at this time, and he had lost his intelligence. His mouth was open and saliva flowed down the corners of his mouth.
The powerful fourth-level Sky Knight has now turned into a fool.
“Tell the Mather family that I, Hawthorne, missed the target. If they need anything, ask them to come to the Temple of Justice to find me!” The fifth-level priest of Hawthorne stood up and said casually as if nothing was wrong. After that, he turned around and left.
Although the fifth-level priest of Hawthorn has little power in the Temple of Justice, it is not something that the top nobles can control at will.
He knew very well that according to his fair testimony, Johnny, the fourth-level sky knight, could at most pay a fortune and then get away.
For the Mather family, that kind of wealth is not even comparable to Mao.
The fifth-level priest of Hawthorn knew Duke Arthur’s temper even more. He would definitely go to Johnny, the fourth-level sky knight afterwards, but that would be too much trouble. It would be better for him to help Duke Arthur solve the trouble.
/Sheriff Frazier and Chief of Law Enforcement Clarence looked at the testimony recorded by the recorder and verified by the fifth-level priest of Hawthorn. There was only one voice in their hearts. They are in big trouble!
/Lord Amos looked at the report in front of him. He had been receiving attack reports continuously since midnight last night. What he saw at this time was a summary report of one night.
The Mather family has a great business, but it is not unlimited. Forty large-scale properties were destroyed in one night.
The most important thing is that the relevant personnel were killed, which made it take a long time to restore the industry.
Lord Amos didn’t even need to guess too much, he already knew who did it. The only one who could do such a thing and have a grudge against the Mather family was Duke Arthur.
“Master, eight more properties have been destroyed!” The butler, who usually pays attention to etiquette, trotted over impolitely and panted slightly to report.
“Is there no distress signal during the day?” Lord Amos was really shocked. He didn’t expect that the attack would not end during the day. How much hatred is this?
Last night, in order to deal with the sudden situation at hand, the Mather family organized a support team composed of five sky knights, preparing to provide immediate support as soon as there was a distress signal.
Unexpectedly, eight industries were destroyed, but no distress signal was sent.
The attack at night might have been carried out under cover of darkness, but in theory an atta