No matter whether he succeeds or fails this time, No. 63 will definitely make a profit. If he wins, he will get the special force space pool and fire. If he loses, he will also have a “guaranteed” to kill No. 72 and take away the fire fragments.
The two great beasts’ intestines were filled with regret and their teeth were about to break. They really didn’t expect that the great red heavenly sword would be controlled by Origin No. 63.
Hundreds of years ago, the other half of the Great Scarlet Heaven Sword reappeared in the world and was reorganized. It was impossible to refine it in such a short period of time. According to speculation, it would take at least a thousand years or more.
“There is a big problem with No. 63. He should have obtained the two severed swords long ago, but the big red sky sword is too fierce, and he has been refining it separately. The incident of the heavenly sword being unearthed hundreds of years ago now seems to be fake. At that time, he was somewhat malicious towards us.”
“The Great Red Heavenly Sword must have been completely refined in recent years!”
The two of them sighed sadly. Thinking of this possibility through the facts in front of them, their lungs felt like they were on fire. It had simply tricked them to death. After taking advantage of it, it deprived them of their biggest reliance.
/“This style doesn’t look like the handiwork of a robot, it looks more and more like a lost person!”
“No, if it’s him, this matter isn’t over yet!”
The expressions on the faces of the two big beasts under their black robes changed, and they urgently and anxiously ordered to set sail immediately and leave this star field.
Now their giant ship is parked in the Yuntuo star field, and the desolate land where they are fighting is an adjacent star field, separated by a cosmic rift.
After the space-time vortex disappeared from the original place, it reappeared in the deep space. A long, bright red knife, extremely sharp, cut through the starry sky, bringing with it the boundless red glow, illuminating the dark universe. It was so dazzling that it rushed out. come out.
One person and one gun followed closely behind, condensing into one body, erupting with terrifying gun light, tearing apart the universe, and dozens or hundreds of beams of light were connected in succession, which were more terrifying than the chaos thunder. The sword body was shaken violently, and it went away again.
In an instant, they entered the cosmic rift, crossing the star field from the deserted land with the legend of the Supreme God, and wanted to enter the Yuntuo star field from here.
In front of the mist-shrouded rift in the plane, another fierce battle broke out between the two weapons. The big red sky sword was pursued in a hurry, and when it was forced hard, it turned around and slashed fiercely.
Those terrifying beams of light one after another were so dazzling, the vast red clouds were