“Qingmu, you don’t have to worry about that madman. Even Wang Xuan guessed that he is dangerous. We have come from the end of ancient times and know more about madmen than you do. We know what is going on.” The Demon Lord appeared.
“That’s good!” Aoki and Chen Yongjie both nodded.
In the box, not far away, Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi looked at each other calmly and said nothing.
After a long time, the screen was buffered. The Demon Lord was still dressed in red, and he looked stunning. He frowned and asked, “Someone dares to visit my cave and steal everything, leaving nothing behind?”
“Yes, I’m the only one left.” The round-faced girl felt aggrieved and nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.
Lao Zhang and the Nether Blood Cult Ancestor appeared on the screen. Lao Zhang smiled and said: “Okay, let people empty out all the money in the family, and only one kitten will be left.”
“Ouch!” The round-faced girl was angry. She was already aggrieved, but now she was being teased by Zhang Jiaozu.
The Demon Lord Yanyan was really angry, and she was holding a ball of fire in her heart. Someone dared to take away her cave from the rear. Who did it? !
She was about to say something, and then, through the screen, she saw part of the scene in the private room. The ingredients on the table looked familiar, and many of them were her favorites. Was that the human world? It was very luxurious!
She had some doubts. Could it be that the little white tiger was greedy and was stealing from others? Then, the figure in the box moved, and she seemed to see an acquaintance.
“Aoki, move the communication equipment and let me see where you are.” The Demon Lord said.
The next moment, Demon Lord Yanyan saw the Sword Fairy and received a response. Jiang Qingyao showed a bright smile and made a scissor hand gesture to her.
The smaller version of Sword Fairy also came over, with the same happy smile, which made her pure little face even brighter. She was head to head with Jiang Qingyao, and she also made a scissor hand gesture.
The Demon Lord originally had a bad look on his face, he had already made some associations, and felt something bad in his heart, but as a result, there was more than one Jiang Qingyao, and a little thing with a very similar appearance came over, which was “double damage”.
There are two Jiang Qingyao, one big and one small, as bright as flowers with dewdrops in the morning glow. The various exquisite tableware around them are full of rare ingredients, such as sea god clams, fairy snails, golden grapes, and fire dragon dates.
/The more the Demon Lord looked at it, the more it suited his taste, and the more it looked familiar, especially one of the bottles of wine, the style of which she had specially made in the fairy world.
She wanted to explode immediately, thinking that the case had been solved, the culprit was in front of the camera, and the silly little white tiger was still making accusations. She seriously suspected that the domestic thief had colluded with an outsider.
/Demon Lord Yanyan was