In the old land, at night, Wang Xuan meditated, putting his body and mind in the most enlightened state, and began to seriously think about this matter. So far, he has not thought about it thoroughly.
Old Chen said: “Unfortunately, that ancient spaceship is too far into the universe. It will probably take a few days to get any news.”
“I hope they can clear up my doubts.” Wang Xuan nodded, and then meditated again, with his mind empty, studying the issues of reality and truth.
“The great universe corrects errors and the extraordinary world collapses, corresponding to the virtual. The myth reappears and continues to exist, corresponding to the real. Everything is switching between virtual and real.”
Wang Xuan thought and had a new idea.
“The inside of the curtain is virtual, and the immortal bones left in the world are real. The virtual has replaced the real, avoiding the five declines of heaven and man.”
He kept thinking about it and had more ideas.
“The life soil cannot be found in the human body, so it is illusory, but myths start from the void life soil. Is it destined to be an illusion? The real world is true.”
Suddenly, Wang Xuan felt something. In this empty state, he could capture the malice outside the endless void. He had felt it last time.
“Well, he’s here again!” Wang Xuan discovered that in an extremely distant area, another pair of scarlet eyes opened, spying on him again, full of coldness, greed, possessiveness, and very scary.
At the same time, in another direction, a sacred light lit up, and the shadows of a man and a woman were chanting.
“Can you protect him for a while or for the rest of his life?” Scarlet eyes made a voice in the endless void.
/In his blank state, Wang Xuan actually heard such a malicious voice!
“Oh, you can’t find me. At this moment, I am in space, changing positions at any time. In the future, don’t give me a chance, otherwise, I will swallow you two too!”
The scarlet eyes opened and closed, making people extremely uncomfortable. The words he spoke were cold, giving people a sense of cruelty and coldness, and a chain of blood spread from there, approaching Wang Xuan.
Not long after, a golden figure lit up in the darkness and peered at Wang Xuan with cold and scary eyes.
Wang Xuan noticed a new situation. Two mysterious and terrifying creatures were thinking about him!
“Is the difficult curse a shackles and a cage woven by the light of the soul? Can I take advantage of my current special state to turn their light of the soul into nothingness, kill them in the meteorite passage, and deal with them in a targeted manner? ?” Wang Xuan wanted to try it, but these two mysterious creatures were too deceptive!
Late at night, Wang Xuan sat quietly. What he saw and heard now was incomprehensible to ordinary people and inaccessible to other extraordinary beings. He was staring into the void.
At the end of the boundless darkness, those scarlet eyes were always there