Wang Xin and the other three were speechless. If Wang Xuan had not been born, then the three of them would not have been born either. Should they be grateful that their grandparents had seriously degenerated?
Especially this time, Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun regressed more than before. They almost disappeared into mortals, their memories returned to zero, and they were almost completely integrated into the ordinary world, unable to be revived or awakened.
Therefore, they told Wang Xuan in the past that maybe some ordinary people are strange people, and they might wake up at some point.
They are convinced that some strange people in history have just become ordinary and disappeared in the process of birth, old age, illness and death, and they never knew that they had a brilliant past until their death.
This time, they almost “disappeared” like this.
/“That’s not right. Even if your grandparents’ extraordinary power drops to rock bottom, your father has inherited your genes.” Wang Hui said.
“Strange people, strange people, this is the strange thing. When weakened, the physical body and spirit regress to the starting point, and the flesh and blood genes return to the original point. This is a very terrible degradation. In ancient times, when we first started practicing, our qualifications It’s just fair, not amazing at all. He grew up in the competition for the day after tomorrow. Your father really didn’t get a ‘gift’ from us.
When Wang Zesheng said this, he mentioned Wang Xuan’s former brothers and sisters as examples. However, when he talked about his deceased children, he felt a little sad and was thinking about them.
“How many brothers and sisters do I have?” Wang Xuan asked.
“You have three brothers and two sisters. Two of the brothers and one sister were born when we degenerated to the most serious level and became mortals. None of the three of them have amazing cultivation qualifications. You also have an older brother. My sister and I were born in the mythological period, and we had them when we were at our strongest, and they certainly inherited our strong talents.”
/They gave away their children again and again. If their memories were not damaged, they would never have any more children. They did not want to repeat those regrets and pains. Wang Xuan was just an accident after their severe degeneration.
“Didn’t any of my brothers and sisters survive?” Wang Xuan asked.
Jiang Yun spoke with a heavy tone and said: “Of those two children with unusual spiritual talents, your sister died young due to an accident, which made us heartbroken. In the future, whenever we see tattoos on the skin with special mysterious substances, If a creature engraved with the supreme texture, such an orthodox creature, is as vicious as in the past, it would be right to kill it directly