This is the bone of the Immortal Sky Phoenix. Theoretically, it can be reborn in Nirvana, but for some unknown reason, something happened to this bone and it is difficult to achieve Nirvana and rebirth.
The red fire was terrifying, burning Wang Xuan’s palms with severe pain. The grade of this heavenly phoenix during its lifetime was somewhat astonishing, and to this day, the bones still have complex textures that are growing, dying, and intertwining.
He collided with it several times and chased it for hundreds of miles before he was able to suppress it and take it away.
The secret realm is very big. After Wang Xuan got the Tianfeng True Bone, he was in a good mood. If this continues, the medicinal wine to assist in practice will be available, and it can really be brewed.
Suddenly, a horrifying aura filled the air, and a huge shadow was cast in the distance, which was then illuminated by boundless golden light.
An extremely powerful raptor appeared. When its huge body flapped its wings, the peaks and mountains below were trembling, and some were even blown off the ground.
These are sacred mountains with restrictions and are difficult to destroy, but that ferocious bird can slap them up to the ground.
“Golden-winged Dapeng, super peerless?!” Wang Xuan looked solemn.
“Dead!” Wu Tian appeared carrying a huge Void Golden Lotus. He caught up with him and picked it. When he saw the ferocious bird in the distance, he showed a serious expression.
/“Well, it’s a puppet!” Wang Xuan nodded.
It seems that this secret land is not as peaceful as imagined, and is still very dangerous.
The black fishing net collided with the golden-winged roc in this area, covering the sky and earth, trying to take away the terrifying giant bird as material.
There is obviously a problem ahead. There is a golden-winged roc blocking the road. Its wings are like heavenly knives that can destroy all things, cutting through the void and tearing apart the giant black net.
Wang Xuan walked back decisively, going to dig out those easy-to-obtain rare objects first, not wanting to waste even a moment.
/Most importantly, he was very interested in the mountain where the scarecrow was located, and wanted to try the sword again.
A moment later, when the sword light lit up again, Wang Xuan was cut in half. The blood on the ground was a large area of ??bright red, quite bloody. He had rarely been in such a tragic situation along the way.
Especially this time, no runes lit up to help him recover physically and mentally.
He looked solemn, he would die if he didn’t do it right here, so he had to take it easy, but he was unwilling to do so and wanted to continue trying the sword again.
This time, he was cut off by the sloping shoulder, and his intestines flowed all over the floor. The soaring sword texture pierced a big hole in the sky of the secret realm.
Wang Xuan looked serious and attacked again to fight against the scarecrow. He is always using the sword, one sword wheel after another,