Monks cannot seek immortality in the human world. Even if they cultivate to the realm of immortals, they will fall into the evaluation of the Mahayana period in the human world due to various shortcomings, and eventually die of exhaustion of life.
/A typical representative is Huang Xiao. Before he met Lu Bei, his five thousand years of life were about to end, and he only missed going to Huangquan Road.
After entering Huangquan Road, longevity is no longer limited to monks. There is no such thing as longevity. Although it is still not possible to live forever, at least it will not suddenly fall asleep when you break through in seclusion.
Without the restriction of longevity, the monk is like a mad dog freed from the shackles, and his great power and ambition can be displayed.
They can continue to practice and sprint towards a higher realm, but there is one thing. Huangquan is a dead place and there is no such thing as spiritual energy. To practice here, understanding is crucial.
Without enlightenment, one can only specialize in the Immortal Way of Huangquan. Under the shadow of the Master of Huangquan Taoism, it can be regarded as the divine way on another level.
The Huangquan world is sunny and sunny, with blue sky, green grass, and sheep running on the grass.
There is no difference between the underworld and the human world except that there is no aura at all. The men are tall and the women are handsome. They are all living flesh. There is no female ghost with strong plasticity that Lu Bei is thinking about.
There used to be ghost kings and so on. Before the Great Heavenly Lord tore up the heavenly book, the cycle of reincarnation in the three realms was complete and orderly, with immortals, humans and ghosts.
Not anymore.
The broken heaven does not support the existence of ghosts, and the concept of ghosts has been completely erased. As the last piece of pure land that has not been destroyed, the underworld has become a good soil for the development of Mahayana/immortals.
It is said that Huangquan Road is extremely dangerous. In fact, going to Huangquan Road is much better than taking the ascension passage of Emperor Ji and Yinglong. As long as you have the understanding, you can create your own world on Huangquan Road.
Of course, the danger is real danger.
For example, Wang Qifeng, just after walking on Huangquan Road, he bumped into his mortal enemy on the grassland.
Ji Fa is a handsome young man with a warm smile that makes people feel like spring breeze. Compared with the Taoist’s strong position, he is more in line with the image of the big brother next door.
Generally speaking, this kind of stuff is gloomy.
“Yinglong, the world has changed dramatically today. It’s worth waiting for for so long. You are finally here.”
/Seeing Wang Qifeng appear, Ji Fa was in a good mood. He guessed that Xuanzun Heavenly Palace had suffered a disaster. Yinglong had been planning for thousands